Industry News: More are going to Mexico, Co-Living is in India and Hospitality needs to attract talents

Mexico is reeling in the tourists

A recent study by SiteMinder has revealed that Mexico is the new place to be. Numbers show that tourist arrivals increased by four per cent to reach 41 million in 2018.

“More and more hoteliers across Mexico are thinking about how they can better compete for guests in a market that is welcoming greater volumes of travellers but is also becoming increasingly saturated,” says Mr Jason Lugo, SiteMinder’s regional manager for Latin America.

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Health & Wellness Tourism Insights, 2019

An analysis of traveller types, key market trends, key destinations, challenges & opportunities has been released by

Here are some findings the report has produced:
– The number of countries actively marketing their wellness offerings at a national level jumped from 65 in 2013 to over 100 in 2018.
– The future of wellness tourism is moving towards authenticity and personalized bespoke facilities and services.
– The USA is a long-standing, key inbound market for health and wellness tourism. In 2018, 39.1 million health and wellness tourists stayed in the US.

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Co-living hits India

The co-living model has taken the accommodation world by storm. As millennials start to become the movers and shakers, more societies and service providers have opted to fit this new demand.

India reports an increase in accommodation providers offering co-living options to its masses of people.

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Hospitality is not something the next generation would consider

Hospitality leaders are warning that the industry must work harder to attract the next generation of workers, especially with talent from the European Union leaving the United Kingdom.

HIT Training shared a survey of 16-20 year olds which found that two-thirds were considering taking on an apprenticeship. However, some 53% of the 243 respondents said that they wouldn’t consider a career in hospitality.

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