Grab surge got you down? Buckle up for this alternative joyride.

Sick of the exorbitant prices that ride-hailing apps offer? You’re not alone. Rain or shine, sometimes it just doesn't make sense paying so much for such a short trip. Let’s explore some two-wheeler options that might just help you out.

They were supposed to bring power back to the people. They lured us in with attractive promos and became a staple in our lives with the ease of a button. However, the surge prices offered by ride-hailing services such as Grab and Gojek have now rendered the people powerless.

Look, I can understand reasonable peak hour surge pricing. But when it costs $20 from Plaza Singapura to Ion Orchard, I’ve got to put my foot down!

Such as the wave of these apps took the island by storm, let’s ride a different wave of change and dive into options that make more sense for our wallets. Forget the everpresent Grab, the hopeful Gojek and the nonexistent Tada.

Start looking behind bus stops and for yellow or green boxes on footpaths. Embrace the E-scooter!


Explore scooters

We’ve all seen them zooming by. Sometimes with loud music and flashing lights, other times with a smartly clad individual riding it. So why should you consider this mode of transportation?


No thanks Grab

Most importantly, here’s how you beat the surge pricing. For those thinking, ‘You don’t expect me to scoot my way to Jurong from Orchard Road, now do you?’

No, I don’t.

Firstly, let’s break it down. Most of the time we book a car because we are lazy. Sure, sometimes you need to get somewhere fast or you need to carry a lot of items. But most of the time, let’s face it, we’re just plain lazy.

Now, where I do expect you to scoot to is anywhere outside the CBD area. Here is where the bus stops thin out and the MRT station crowd becomes bearable. Also, once you are out of the CBD area, the CBD surcharge won’t apply. You’ll be more inclined to hail a standard taxi.

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Short Trips

This one is again, for you lazy folks (that’s 90% of those reading this piece). If you are going to run errands during lunchtime and your destination is not that far, you can scoot there. I know, getting a car might only cost $8.

However, it’s highly likely that you won’t be the only one running errands during lunch in a Grab. More people equals higher surge pricing.

Just hop on one of those e-scooters, stay off your phone, destress and feel the cool CBD breeze in your hair. You’ll get your errands done and you would have saved some money.

(photo credit:

They are popping up everywhere

Just like pimples on the face of a teenager, E-scooters are sprouting up everywhere! As of 10 Feb 2019, there were already about 10 e-scooter operators who have confirmed interest in the sharing transport license, according to Channel News Asia.

With so many operator options to choose from, you will soon find one nearby your serviced residences.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Close to all the scooters found in Singapore are battery powered. Stay off the petrol and diesel run of cars on the road and go green by getting on an e-scooter.

Singapore is known for our overpopulated roads. While car sharing does help reduce consumption rates, get off the fuel race completely and choose this more sustainable option.


How does it work and what the pricing like?

(photo credit: AsiaOne)


Download the GrabWheels app from the App Store or Google Play.

Scan to unlock the grab e-scooter

$0.50 per 30mins (this is the current promotional price)


Download the Beam app from the App Store or Google Play.

Scan to unlock the Beam e-scooter at $1

$0.15 per 1min (this is the current promotional price)


Download the Lime app from the App Store or Google Play.

Scan to unlock the Lime e-scooter at $1

$0.20 per 1min (this is the current promotional price)


Download the Telepod app from the App Store or Google Play.

Telepod offers different tier pricing for scooter rentals.

Their most basic tier is at $0.15 per 1min.


Remember to follow the rules

Before you hop on your e-scooter and start carving the lanes, do realise that the Land Transport Authority of Singapore has laid out a series of rules and guidelines to adhere to.

  • Do not ride on the roads
  • Do not ride on pedestrian-only footpaths
  • Only ride on shared paths
  • Do not exceed 25km/h on shared paths
  • Stop and look out” for vehicles at road crossings before continuing your journey
  • Always stop to help accident victims when you are involved
  • It is not compulsory for e-scooter/PMD riders to wear helmets. However, you should still consider doing so.

So if you stick to the rules and stay off the roads, you will find yourself enjoying a greener, cleaner and cheaper mode of transportation that will chase those peak hour blues away.