Are serviced apartments dead?

Serviced apartments in Singapore tick all the boxes of modern-day living. They aren’t seemingly ‘dead’. They are actually thriving; answering the call of demand.

The number of business travellers scaling the globe has increased in recent years. As this number increases, so has the need to house these professionals. Traditional accommodation options usually feature hotels – but their terms are often rigid and come with many restrictions.

Another accommodation option would be serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are widely known to offer more flexibility and total freedom for the modern traveller.

However, the travel industry has seen a shift in the tides of accommodation with new players in the field such as the co-living sector. The market tends to speak less of serviced apartments in Singapore suggesting a dying industry to the public. But are they truly dying?

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More relevant than ever

Serviced apartments in Singapore adhere to a strict and ever-evolving list of regulations. They are fully furnished apartments that have similar amenities to hotel rooms and can be used for short or long term stays. Thus, offering a home-to-home experience.

One benefit to staying in serviced apartments instead of a hotel is the space you get. Serviced residences offer 30% more space, on average. You get more privacy and there are no hidden costs. 

That means you won’t have to pay for those temptatious minibar items and you won’t need to hesitate when considering opening a bottle of water. The Apartment Service puts apartments at 15%-30% cheaper than hotels, a figure that definitely appeals to companies and frugal travellers.

What hotels don’t give you

Serviced residences are catered for ‘home-living’. This means that what you get in such units aren’t like hotels. Hotels are ideally designed for short term travellers. Exactly what you need when visiting a country, is what you get.

‘Home-living’ generally refers to what a space can offer for long-term dwelling. Somewhere that you can truly unwind and call home. A place to eat, exercise, rest, socialize and grow in. 

From studio to 4 bedroom options and everything in between, serviced apartments come fully furnished and include both living and recreational spaces.

Living spaces include – dining area, pantry and a fully equipped kitchen. Larger units could offer more space in master rooms and some can even accommodate a working space and all of this near popular shopping centres.

Serviced apartments nowadays extend the height of luxury; pairing total privacy with freedom of living. In addition, the lease terms of most apartments are flexible, catering to your specific needs.

What co-living spaces can’t give you

Co-living spaces are fresh, cheap(er) and exciting. They are the headlining act of the millennial world-tour. But they are not for everyone. 

At the core of co-living in Singapore and everywhere else, is the community of people that live together in a shared property. Built on the foundations of a society, people who live in co-living establishments enjoy socializing and cohabitating with other like-minded individuals. 

However, the appeal of having a housemate doesn’t resonate with everyone. Some people would rather not have a stranger in their kitchen, in the pool or always in their face. 

We are all used to our own private space; somewhere you can truly be yourself. We all need a home to call our own. Rejoice in the comfort and peace of mind offered by serviced apartments.

Skip the small talk and avoid the drama. People are great, sure. But let’s be real; they can be a HUGE pain. After a long day at work, the last thing you would want is to come home to loud housemates who always leave the house in a mess.

Now I’m not saying all co-living spaces are like this but would you really want to roll the dice and leave your housemate prospects in the hands of the co-living gods?


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An option for everyone

What accommodation option you choose should always be based on your overall needs. Hotels, co-living spaces and serviced apartments are all made for different types of travellers. 

While Hotels offer an air of exclusivity at great locations, the high rates and restricted space can be a turn off for those who need a bit of flexibility. On the other hand, co-living spaces boast fluid terms at the cost of privacy and the need for active community involvement. 

Serviced apartments then sit in a sweet spot in between the two. Flexibility at an affordable cost, privacy and versatility at the heart of where you want to be. 

Serviced apartments in Singapore tick all the boxes of modern-day living. They aren’t seemingly ‘dead’. They are actually thriving; answering the call and supply of this – ‘in-between’ demand.