There are quite a few Japanese firms which has rapidly broken ground in Singapore over years.
Here is some significant points for those who decided to live in Singapore with your family. Check them out before you go there!

1.Condition for VISA

Please keep in mind to apply to visa before you leave because without visa you are not allowed to stay long term in Singapore. If you enter to Singapore without it, you are forced to leave out within 30 days.Therefore, the thing you firstly set off is to start applying for visa.
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2.Visit a dentistry

You may now surprise, cost of medical treatment is relatively expensive compared to your country. just keep reminding yourself that you periodically go to a dentistry.

3. Health medical checkup

Surprisingly, there is no insurance system in Singapore, meaning that cost for medical checkup is different depending on each hospital. Be prepare in the case of being required money expensive, especially in an emergency. Sooner or later, it would be better to take the health checkup in your country beforehand. If your treatment are being on the process in your country’s hospital, ask a doctor whether you can get a referral so that you can continue the process in Singapore. Without having it, you may reapply for your medical checkup from the beginning!

4. Vaccination

It is highly recommended to take in immunization before you leave your own country. You may get a serious illness that you have not ever got before, possibly, it may be a deadly type of virus. Make a reservation as early as possible,and try to ask if a certification of vaccination in English version are available to being issued.

5. Look for a new house

Think about all things you should have to do after landing in Singapore; getting residential information first, and see what kinds of property is available to, look for a suitable agent for you as well. You may be exhausted without having a specific preparation beforehand.
In order to let the processes clear and smooth, browse internet sites related to residential information in Singapore, try to choose nice area to live in. It is highly recommend to rely on an agent who kindly cooperate with your contract process. They definitely asiste you.
If there is no problem for you to negotiate with a local agent, it would be better to ask local people straight after
reaching in Singapore, which may not required high cost. However, for those who worry about your first migration, it would be better to avoid asking a local agent, they will generously give possible advices for each person.
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Avg.Monthly Rent by Area in Singapore

6. Temporary stay

You will probably have free time until your actual final decision, so you can effectively use a time to ensure the room. Metroresidences are servicing several types of apartments and monthly mansion, with fully-furnished appliances and reasonable price.

7. Look for school

Mother language in Singapore is of course English, trying to take into a consideration to take English class in Singapore if you want to seek for its further improvement. Depending on the level of how much you can speak English, how to spend a time in a daily life will change. Try to see the alternative language schools in Singapore given from internet website, and collect the information as specifically as possible regarding the place, tuition, nationality. On top of that, go to make a reservation beforehand, and check if you can get into a free lesson or being onlooking.
It is important for children to choose local school in Singapore If you have children. Singapore is quite familiar as one of the countries where most of the school have high educational status worldwide. With your children’s best educational curriculums, their potential would significantly grow!
In Singapore, there are several styles of school; local schools, international schools. Better or worse, each has advantages and drawbacks. Local schools, for example, take all classes in English with relatively costless tuition fee; it would be nearly impossible for students who do not have high ability in English. International schools, on the other hand, have expensive cost with comfortable facilities. Check above the information more on website before go over there!

8. Insurance

As mentioned above, each hospital in Singapore independently set up the amount of medical cost since Singapore has no specific insurance system. Therefore, the majority of Singaporeans take out an insurance policy to maximize the required cost.
The majority of expatriates who are transferred to Singapore have a right to take out a overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance, it basically covers the cost for ambulatory care. However, you need to try to inquire insurance company about it. There are several insurance companies which have introduced flexible payment system called ”cashless services” that they directly pay to hospital instead of you. You may be able to make a claim for a refund within range in application of insurance if having your residence certificate of your country. A credit card including traveler’s insurance issued in your country usually becomes invalid within 3 months after landing abroad, so it would be better to avoid long-term setters from using its service.
How to deal with your problem will change depending on types for insurance, do not forget to check what kinds of insurance you now have, and also need to know what to take steps one by one as well.

9. Renewal of driver licence and Acquirement of international driver licence

Driver licence can be renewed regardless of the actual renewing period, so that expatriates who work overseas can extend its length in advance. Basically what you need to bring in renewing is a certification abroad on business, passport, necessary other documents and your ID photo, but check about the system of driver licence beforehand.
An expiration date of international driver licence is only 1 year, and just be aware when you drive, that right-hand-drive vehicles are usual style in Singapore, however, your country may not. Having an international driver licence makes your lives fulfilling pretty much, and it is definitely convenient!
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10. Mobile phone

When you go abroad, you will have to decide either discard your mobile phone or keep it for a case of returning back to your country. If you will buy another mobile phone in local shop, please carefully check the cheaper plan compared the different types of phones. Similarity, before cancelling the contract of your old one, you should confirm if it is a type of SIM-unlocked phone or not. If it is a SIM-unlocked phone, you just buy only SIM card in Singapore and switch the old one into a new one, then you are able to use your old phone again; this way does not require much time to reinstall your accounts in apps or set up system again. On top of that, there is a several types of SIM card, one for 2 weeks, for example, may be convenient when returning back to your country during a short-stay. Therefore, this is highly recommended to all people who will fly away from your country. Go to electronic stores in local or your country first and see what sorts of SIM cards they have, Let’s consider the most suitable decision for you at lower cost!

11. Open a new bank account

The important thing as you open a new bank account in Singapore is which banking companies you go for. DBC (the Development Bank of Singapore) is well known as the biggest banking company in south-eastern Asian countries, and it almost occupies the number of ATM in Singapore. Moreover, DBC has promoted a variety of activities, one of them is a discount system for only people who paid by DBC’s credit card.
In other option, internet bank has recently been popular, which is unnecessary to go to frontdesk in a bank, the process of money transfer can be done online as well. Other big advantage is that charge of services, like employment fee, are virtually cost free; it would be better to proactively utilize this benefit!


As mentioned above, planning ahead as early as possible is important, this is a stepping stone to successfully start off your new livelihood.