Top tips for business travelers in Asia

Moving to a brand new location can be an overwhelming experience for some. There are a number of things that one has to get used to, like adjusting to a brand new culture, or even getting used to the food (Though personally, I would think one would have absolutely no trouble at all getting used to the delicious food here in Singapore). Here at MetroResidences, we understand the preparation needed before going away for an extended period of time can be a daunting task. We have a brief overview of some of the key things one should note before moving to Asia!


Perhaps one of the biggest differences between Western regions and Asian regions of the world would be culture. It is widely renowned that Western culture is characterized by a more open attitude, whereas Asian culture tends to be more conservative in nature. To a large extent, this opinion can be true. While people from Western backgrounds may tend to speak their mind openly on certain issues like politics and religion, this may not be the same for the majority here in Asia. Sometimes, this culture also spills over to the working environment. Organisational hierarchy is important for many Asian companies, meaning procedures and feedback tend to be directed through proper channels. This, however, ensures a high level of efficiency and also ensures you get the appropriate support from the right departments.


Oh, glorious food! Food is the heart of Asia. From delicious Singaporean Char Kway Teow, to savoury Pad Thai from Thailand, Asia is indeed a food paradise. This is definitely something one will enjoy when coming to Asia. Compared to cuisines from Western regions, Asian cuisine tends to be heavily distinguished by a confluence of energetic flavours. Flavors prominent in many Asian dishes include sweet, sour, spicy and sometimes bitter too. Prominently in countries like Singapore and Malaysia, stir-fried cuisines are mostly prepared with a traditional Wok and very high heat, producing a flavour known as “Wok-Hei”, a type of charred taste unique to the regions here. Check out this article for a list of must-eat Singaporean foods!


There are plenty of accommodation options available around Asia! While there are always the options of high-quality hotels all around or even short-term rentals, if you’re looking for an easy, consistent and yet affordable option, MetroResidences’ provides that solution just for you. Here at MetroResidences, we cater to the busy business traveller. MetroResidences provides high quality corporate serviced apartments that are conveniently located all around Singapore. Apart from providing a fully furnished home and standard housekeeping we also have our friendly front desk staff available just a phone call away and they will assist you with all your needs. Here you can check out the various accommodation options available! 


While the normal 4 season cycle is still present in areas like Korea and Japan, most of the countries in the Southeast Asian regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.) have a consistent tropical climate comprising of sunny weather and frequent rain. Additionally, high humidity is also another weather condition that is prevalent in these regions. Apart from working weekdays, it is perfectly normal to take a walk around town in light clothing and flip flops to help adjust to the weather here. For travellers coming from other parts of the world, it might take some time to get used to the weather. However, when you do, the beautiful sunny weather and gentle breezes of these regions is something beautifully irreplaceable.

Lifestyle and Entertainment.

All work and no play makes one a dull person. There are a great number of things one can do around Asia to fully enjoy their experience here. While of course, every country in Asia has their own unique set of fun activities, here in Singapore, there are also a wide variety of leisurely activities one can engage in to take a step back from their busy workdays. Apart from the basic entertainment amenities available like movie theatres and bowling alleys, Singapore also has a number of parks and unique tourists’ attractions available. Wish to see some wildlife? Check out our world famous Singapore Zoological Gardens! Want to do some high adrenaline activities? Check out Sentosa Island for activities like the Luge or high elevation ziplining. With all these different activities available, we guarantee you’ll never be bored here!