Managing employee happiness in the current workforce

Striving to keep employee happiness on the up is nothing new. But do the same methods work for millennial employees?

Millennial needs differ from the generations before them and the factors to consider will help one better understand how to manage and bring out the best from your happy millennial employee.

Last week, MetroResidences held an enriching discussion on Managing Employee Happiness. The event was warmly hosted by our friends at WeWork and featured business leaders of the modern workforce; Amin Sulaiman of Wantedly, Sean Lim of Peacemakers and James Chua of MetroResidences.

This HR event saw public attendees from varying departments and businesses, interested in gaining insight into relevant perspectives on the evolving scope of today’s employees. Crowned by an engaging discussion between the speakers and attendees, the talk brought up interesting discourse and shed light onto prevailing issues within HR-department circles.

Millennial Direction

Our speakers addressed both perennial and contemporary methods of assessment. Many attendees were interested in the different styles of approach modern businesses adopt when dealing with millennials. Be it, expatriates or locals, millennials make up a large portion of the workforce.

The discussion shed light on understanding how the needs of millennials differ from the generations before them; questioning the current framework set in place by managers across the board.

Value them

Many attendees were interested in the different styles of approach modern businesses adopt when dealing with millennials. Establishing the right work culture was held to a high regard. With varying needs everpresent, specific roles in the workforce had to evolve, largely aimed at reward benchmarking.

“Care Personally, Challenge Directly…”

It is not only important to value your employee but let them know that you do. By doing so, you will be able to better connect and see significant productivity increase from the people who work with or for you.

Understand ‘why’ before thinking ‘how’

Hostility and harassment have no place in striving to achieve employee happiness. Ultimately, prevention is better than cure.

Learning about the importance of dealing with volatile situations before they get out of hand promotes an environment where employees will feel safe to collaborate and contribute with little hesitation.

“...if you can dig deep to uncover the true interests behind someone’s position…then a whole realm of possible solutions will open up for you.”

Most of the time, conflicts at the workplace stem from a difference of opinion. Managers should act as primary mediators in understanding such matters and addressing them before they get out of hand.

During the talk, subjects on man-management and conflict management were herald by points on mediation processes and employee health, addressing the ideal state of a healthy workplace.

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Here is more about the speakers:

James Chua, Co-Founder of MetroResidences

James is the Co-Founder of MetroResidences, a leading booking-platform for Corporate Housing operating in Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The Company had humble beginnings as a 3-man operation out of the basement of the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) startup incubator program. It’s grown to a 50-strong team with 500-Startups and Rakuten as their main backers. The Company has served about 10% of the corporates in the Fortune 500 list, and hundreds of small and medium enterprises. James started his career as an equity analyst and portfolio manager with Phillip Capital Management. He’s received a B.A from the University of California, San Diego in Economics in 2005.

Amin Sulaiman, Business Development Lead of Wantedly

One of the main drivers behind the company’s expansion efforts, Amin heads the business development team at Wantedly Singapore. Since his time as Head of Business Development at e27, Amin has developed and improved sales processes for the business development team. His extensive knowledge and experience from lead generation, pitching to account servicing have garnered key revenue streams for the company. He continues to reach out to great companies to match them with great talents.

Sean Lim, Managing Director of Peacemakers

Sean is an accredited mediator with the Singapore International Mediation Institute, and an Associate Mediator with and coach for the Singapore Mediation Centre. He is invited regularly to serve as a conflict management coach for various corporate clients and public healthcare institutions. Sean was part of the pioneering team which established a Healthcare Mediation Unit for the government. He was also involved in international commercial mediation work at the Singapore International Mediation Centre.