How Co-working in Singapore Eases Everyday Life

There is no surprise that various enterprises are expanding their reach to Singapore.

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From fashion, food and beverage to oil and gas, every field in the market is trying to take a stance here. With more and more businesses, more and more space for their offices becomes necessary, making pricing for prime locations skyrocket. This is where co-working spaces enter the picture.

Premium Location, Regular Prices

The Great Room Ngee Ann City

Co-working spaces in Singapore resolve the need of having a prestigious location and address while keeping the rent cost at minimum. In addition, several businesses, if not all, are serving their clientele with the highest standard imaginable. Take The Great Room Ngee Ann City and WeWork 71 Robinson Road for example; located in premier spots of the city, both offer not only a productive environment for growth, but service and comfort to back their luxury titles.

A cup of cappuccino complete with latte art every morning, reception service ready to impress guests 24/7, fun exhilarating common areas for communal events and other facilities are within arms reach of co-working spaces nowadays. Not only will a conducive and productive environment be your workspace, you’ll also be able to achieve a balance between work and life. All of these facilities that would otherwise create a significant dent in your funds, are included in the monthly rent.


Migrating from the Central

Work-life balance is becoming even more attainable in Singapore with recent developments. The current government agenda involves rethinking the development of the city and encouraging more office spaces to open outside of the CBD. This goes hand-in-hand with Singapore’s projections to be a greener city. As more flexible offices open in the fringes, it means people can rent workspaces closer to their homes and avoid long commutes, which will not only reduce unnecessary stress but also reduce carbon emissions. Another benefit of the move outside of Singapore’s CBD are more savings, not only on travel but on the office space itself. The Lion City is known for its high-cost office rentals, which flexible workspaces have helped ease, particularly those that are opening outside of the business district.

Workspaces such as Supply Chain City and The Mox are some examples of the co-working spaces opening in the outskirts of the CBD. Make no mistake, however, because they are just as effective, if not more, in increasing productivity and providing great office services. Big companies and businesses might hesitate to make this move at first, but with these co-working spaces and business centers several changes and hopefully benefits can be expected. The most basic? People would live in close range of their work.

Having your office within walking distance can be a good thing. On an individual level, the short exercise alone can be beneficial in increasing focus, elevating your mood and improving your overall health. Several co-working spaces in Singapore take this benefit to another level by providing wellness facilities inside and/or outside their venues such as gym membership and healthy food options. So now, not only your work but also your healthier and greener lifestyle would be within arms reach.


Serviced apartments in the heart of Singapore? Here are a few for you.

The Mox Katong

The bigger scale affects traffic and public transportation condition overall, should more and more people live near their workplace. This would mean less crowded MRT, fewer cars on the street, lower rate of traffic jams, the list goes on. Being greener is also another highlight, due to several reasons also mentioned above that would generate less carbon dioxide emissions. With more and more people taking an interest in creating and/or expanding their business to Singapore, these rather small changes can play a huge impact on society.


If you would rather an apartment outside the CBD, here are cheaper options to consider.


All in all, you can expect more new and unique co-working places to pop up outside the CBD of Singapore, should you not wish to be located in the central. Both have their own merits and benefits to provide you with different options that would suit your office needs the best.

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