The Perfect Office Halloween

It’s the spookiest time of the year and also one of the most fun. Ghosts, vampires, and lurching zombies are going stalk the land, including your office! So here are some tips for throwing a great office Halloween party that will leave your coworkers shaking in their skeleton shoes.

Throw a spooky luncheon.

Halloween is a time to get creative and spooky with your food. Arrange a luncheon with some “Devil” eggs or pumpkin pies with candy floss cobwebs or cookies baked into the shape of skulls and bats. You can also have plain pumpkin spice cookies available with icing and other edible decorations for your coworkers to design their own frightening foods.

Crazy costumes are a must.

You can’t have Halloween without costumes. While costumes should be work appropriate, encourage the office to come decked out by offering prizes such as gift cards for the best dressed of the day. If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, get some ideas for costumes that fit right in the workplace. 

Play some ghoulish games

Games are just as important when it comes to the perfect Halloween party. Bobbing for apples is an iconic Halloween game. You can set up an office-friendly version by dangling apples from a string and blindfolding the players so that you don’t get stray water on those expense reports. Or you could throw a fashion show for the best costumes in the office.

Get some scary decorations

Decorations are crucial for nailing the Allhallowtide vibe. Besides the usual tricks like spreading cobwebs around the workplace or the odd skull, you can also delegate by holding a contest for the best-decorated workspace. Or you could also provide pumpkin carving stations so that coworkers can take a scary memento home.

Go trick or treating!

You can’t have an authentic Halloween without Trick or Treating. Consider making this holiday a “take your child to work” day or holding a children’s charity and going from person to person to Trick or Treat. But remember to send out an email asking whoever wants to actually take part first!

Share this article with your colleagues and let the Halloween fun in your office begin!