Millennial traveller's cheat sheet to saving money in Singapore

You’re young and working overseas? That’s so cool! But guess what, it can also be really expensive. What more in a country like Singapore? Here’s the only guide you’ll need to save money while living in Singapore.

Saving money when overseas is crucial especially during the first few years. Millennial travellers often find it tough having to acclimatize to new socio-economic environments. So why not take advantage of the sharing economy in Singapore?

The services born out of this model to promote sustainable living and community thrives in the travel industry. Previous generations of travellers had more rudimentary forms of sharing services but with the now flourishing social networks, it’s easier to live while saving money. 

The sharing economy is an emerging economic model of sharing of physical and non-physical resources that is empowered by technology. You’ve heard about it before; ride-sharing, co-living, bike-sharing.

Here’s a list of sharing platforms that will make your life in Singapore that much easier!


First step; let’s get a roof over your head! Traditional options of serviced apartments or hotels can be rather costly, especially if your company isn’t handling that for you. Thankfully, there are cheaper options out there. Options that still offer comparable standards of living.

Singapore co-living options are growing by the number. This accommodation model has been around for a few years and is picking up pace in Southeast Asia.

Accommodation platforms such as MetroResidences offer co-living options in great locations around Singapore. Younger travellers appreciate the fluid-structure offered by co-living providers.

With co-living, you still get to enjoy a fully furnished apartment with great amenities but at a cheaper cost. Co-living and community bonding come hand in hand, so you’ll get to forge great travel experiences and develop vibrant relationships with like-minded individuals in a shared living space.

If you would rather just bunk in with a handful of neighbours, then MetroResidences also offers shared rooms for long-term stays.

Here, you can rent a room in an apartment of 3-4. The room rental includes weekly cleaning and options for ensuite bathrooms so you won’t have to worry about a shared bathroom.

Interested? Click here to check out some great co-living deals in the heart of Singapore!

You won’t have to worry about the regulations imposed by the Singapore government on short term housing rentals. MetroResidences is licensed and approved to provide accommodation services. So rest easy! Just contact their community managers for inquiries.

Moving services

Next on our list are moving and courier services. Different to your normal moving companies, Gogovan and Lalamove employ part-time or freelance drivers to deliver parcels and packages at a cheaper cost.

The great thing about such services is that your package won’t be bound to a minimum weight or size requirement. The prices are more flexible and availability is more instant. 

(+65) 6836 1110

(+65) 6631 8383

Home living

If you every need to understand how to better handle your finances once in Singapore, only one name should come to mind; Seedly. This is a service that helps you manage your money and make better financial decisions. From price comparisons of mobile plans to a large community giving reviews on the many products and services in Singapore; Seedly is a one stop shop that could help you save while in Singapore.


Once you’ve set up our living space, it’s time to, well, start living! Looking at furniture, your next options are dependent on your stay duration.

If you are only going to be in Singapore for a few months, it might not make sense to purchase new items for your home. So here are options to rent items that you need:

(+65) 63365380

Rent Tycoons

Ever thought about pre-loved items? The Secondhand item trade is pretty existent in Singapore. One of the leading used-item-platforms is Carousell. The UI looks like any other social media app. It’s easy to use and quite healthy in listings.


Here’s an interesting piece of sharing service. Food sharing! I know, it sounds kind of weird but there is a growing amount of people in Singapore that are adopting the idea of sharing your food.

The movement might be accredited to high food waste rate this tiny island has reported. Looking through the app, I found some questionable and some pretty legit food items on display. Whatever food items listed on the app are free and available for a pickup.

Give it a try. If you believe in the 5-second rule, food-sharing shouldn’t phase you too much!


Missing something you can only get from back home? Fret not. Enter Airfrov. This service allows users to ride on the overseas travels of others by getting them to bring back overseas products.

Need fish sauce only found in Vietnam? Don’t worry, LadiesMan217 is heading there, he can get it for you! You get the idea.

(+65) 3163 9378


Getting around Singapore is more affordable with ride-sharing services. With car-pooling and bike rentals, all at your fingertips save even more every time you travel. Just link your credit cards and you’re off!

With the absence of Uber and with Gojek not offering ride-sharing options, look to Grab for your cheaper ride-hailing needs. Grab now offers two tiers of sharing options. If you are open to waiting 5mins more for a ride, you could really save on your booked car.


Rather take the wheel? Why not rent your own car!

(+65) 6423 0068

If you would rather avoid the jams in Singapore, look to these modes of transportation. Escooters are the new bicycles. Although heavily regulated in Singapore, there are still quite a few e-scooter rental services out there. One of these are Neuron.


My top pick is to keep it old school. This mode of ride-sharing commute is cheap and, in Singapore, can get you practically where ever you want to go. Average one-way rides can even cost less than $2! You’ve guessed it – take the bus or MRT!
If you need a guide to the Singapore transport system, click here.


Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Modern times see millennial travellers often seeking flexible working conditions and unrestrictive office rental options. Coworking spaces are just like co-living spaces. If you don’t really need a personal office or often find yourself working remotely then consider a cheaper option.

Choose to work in a space open to like-minded individuals with great community services and enriching programs. Coworking space companies like WeWork have designed their business to bring value to those who live outside the conventional.

(+65) 6681 6768

(+65) 8779 8960

Moving and living overseas can put a strain on your finances. Having to think of travel insurance, tax from crazy exchange rates and the many agent fees are enough to drive you crazy. Older generations never had it as easy; so let’s take advantage of the sharing economy and save that travel money!