We say "No" to landlords 70% of the time

“If you’re saying yes to every Supplier (Landlord), you’re probably not doing enough in your Quality Control department”

As part of our daily tasks, we look at a wide variety of residential properties everyday. We filter out the bad and leave in the good. Sometimes bad means old, not near an MRT, poor maintenance, predatory leasing terms, new but too expensive, or anything that isn’t good for the tenants. We then make an educated decision about the specific unit, the location, the surroundings, before we display the property on our website.

You will find probably the best value ready-to-move-into-apartments on MetroResidences.com anywhere in Singapore.

Location: MetroResidences uses a very specific location matrix on deciding whether a property is suitable for a professional. We look at factors like;

  1. Distance from the nearest MRT
  2. Distance from the nearest bus stop
  3. Qualitative experience walking to the nearest MRT or bus stop
  4. Is there greenery (parks…etc) within 10 minutes from the apartment
  5. Is there a supermarket accessible within 10 minutes from the apartment

Based on Singapore’s urbanisation plan of decentralization there are a number of high-quality residential clusters all over the island. This means that renters do not have to cluster around the city centre to experience a high standard of living. Even at the extremes like the far eastern (Simei) or Western (Jurong) parts of Singapore, there are townships built to high standards that rival international standards. We know these locations intimately and you will find many of these apartments on our website.

Price: MetroResidences monitors short-term, and long-term rental rates of residential apartments, serviced apartments and hotels. We work with landlords that are interested to work with an equitable price level; a fair price that is good for the landlord, the tenant and the platform.

It is an open market with an open internet and each tenant is at liberty to seek out the best rental rate. To ensure our customers are getting the best value for the money they are spending versus the quality of the home they are getting, we only work with Landlords who’s asking prices are attractive versus the market. Attractive doesn’t mean cheapest. Attractive means the property should present exceptional value versus the quality of the home, location and overall experience.  Where we are unable to come to an agreement on price, we prefer to politely decline working with a particular landlord. Because we have a pulse on the rental rates in the market, we often know what a property’s asking rental should be set at even before stepping into the apartment. #bigdata

The apartments are MetroResidences are a representation of our gatekeeper function. We view many properties, and only present a few for rental to our customers.  

Our customers can rest assured that wherever you are booking a property on our website, a significant amount of ground-work has already been done to scout the location, the interior of the apartment, the surrounding amenities and the price to ensure you are receiving a standardized experience. It’s not the easiest thing to do, and it sure takes a lot more effort than simply managing a website, but the customer smiles make it all worth it.