MetroResidences Asset Owner Dashboard!

Having received Series A funding by Rakuten Inc this April 2017 for overseas expansion and improvement of product offering, MetroResidences is proud to announce that we have launched a new feature to help asset owners gain more clarity and transparency on the management process of their apartments.

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As MetroResidences acts as a platform for Asset Owners to list their apartment on the website after a strict evaluation of the suitability of apartment, we believe in continuous communication and transparency on issues regarding the tenant, duration of stay, payout amounts and payout dates be brought across succinctly and effectively.

Introducing the Owner Dashboard.

With a simple interface, asset owners can easily navigate through the page.
There is a comprehensive FAQ page for asset owners to understand certain key points pertaining to rental payout calculations or clarifications on certain aspects of the management contract.

Asset Owners who have agreed to let MetroResidences manage their apartments will be given access to the Owner Dashboard once the corporate apartment is listed on the website. If you have a vacant apartment in prime locations (near transport amenities and near business hubs), why not let MetroResidences manage and convert your apartment into corporate apartments? Soon, you will be able to attain a relatively stable rental yield, like other satisfied asset owners under MetroResidences.

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