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How To Convert My Property into a Serviced Apartment in Singapore


MetroResidences could actually help with furnishing your apartment too. Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Is my property suitable for corporate rental?

This article has been updated on 7 July 2022. Read on for fresh content.

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It doesn’t take that much to convert your property to a serviced apartment. There are an abundance of Singapore serviced apartments. And there’s no better time–occupancy rates are looking optimistic with the return of business travelers. Plus, flexible working spaces across the globe has given rise to digital nomads too, allowing multi-national corporations to find their home away from home as corporations embrace long term living spaces for their global workforce.

The rental market is picking up steam, and every property asset owner wants to maximise their rental income now. There are a plethora of real estate and vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, and our very own site.But, it can get pretty hectic if you don’t have a team to help you list on all those platforms. Not to mention, you have to keep up with daily check-ins and check-outs, housekeeping, and guest communications too. That’s a lot of hassle, and there’s only so many hours in the day.

Well, that’s where MetroResidences come in. Our team can not only convert your property into a coveted serviced apartment for expats and exuberant business travelers, but handle everything behind the scenes too, from the cleaning to solving customer issues. We even have contactless and virtual apartment bookings available. That way, you have more time for the things that matter.

MetroResidences – Your Key to Property Leasing

We have it down to an art form. In order to narrow down the selection of Singapore serviced apartments suitable for corporate rental, here are 3 key factors to take note of if you are keen to list with MetroResidences.

1. Location Is King– Is Your Property Near Amenities and Transport Networks?

MetroResidences apartments should preferably be located within a 10-minute walk from the nearest MRT station. Some of our most popular apartments are right beside or directly above an MRT Station. Today, corporate HR managers and tenants alike tend to prefer apartments that are closer to public transport hubs, such as MRT or Bus interchanges. That makes the commute to work a smoother experience. It’s a great bonus if your property is a stone’s throw from supermarkets, cafes and shopping malls.

And it doesn’t have to be close to the CBD. You may be surprised to know that we have plenty of serviced apartments along the city fringe or near business hubs such as Changi Business Park, one-north and even AMK Industrial Park. Properties all the way towards Western Singapore are popular too. Tenants, and especially for our corporate partners, are always looking for a room for rent around the industrial parks of Jurong and Tuas as well. Because these locations have a high density of workplaces and corporations, and have a low supply of hotels and serviced apartments.

2. Tenants Prefer Newer Serviced Apartment under 5 years

We stick to our in-house Minimum Property Standards for all the serviced apartments under our management, and we’ll help refurbish apartments to reach the standard. After all, nothing beats the smell of fresh furniture and new wallpaper. Your apartment’s condition will ultimately influence how satisfying the guest’s staying experience is. Ideally, apartments that are under 5 years old are highly desired. While it doesn’t always have to be brand new, it’s best if yours has been recently renovated (5 years is our usual bar). 

As our guests are mostly white collar professionals, they expect the appliances, fixtures and furniture to be new and in good condition. Worn and old apartments will fall short of our Minimum Property Standards. Some of the criteria we look at are:

  • Furniture does not look aged or worn
  • Wooden carpentry isn’t chipped or worn out
  • Home appliances such as washing machine, dryer, oven and aircon are well kept and serviced regularly
  • Walls and ceilings are free of marks and mould
  • Toilet tiles and floor are free of black marks and mould
  • Common apartment facilities maintained in good condition

3. Serviced Apartment Ideal Sizes – 1BR / 2BR / 3BR.

One, two and three bedroom apartments are constantly in high demand. Most of the time, tenants prefer a serviced apartment that’s fully furnished. . But if your apartment is empty, MetroResidences could actually help with furnishing your apartment too. All you need to do is pay for the set-up fee, and then we’ll get to furnishing your living spaces–we’ll even help you install the wi-fi.  

So look forward to a hassle-free leasing experience in Singapore with MetroResidences. Book an appointment with our asset managers today at Be part of our asset owner community and start reaping higher income with MetroResidences!

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