Furnished Accommodation Rentals in Singapore—The Winning Move for Expats

An Unmatched Quality of Life

Like any cosmopolitan, Singapore is renowned for its prized architecture and urban landscape. Singapore condo rentals here have designers the likes of Zaha Hadid and Heatherwick Studio. Life in Singapore is just as dynamic and exciting. Digital nomads and business travellers increasingly turn to furnished accommodation rentals in Singapore for their respite as they first move into Singapore. There are even Singaporeans considering a furnished apartment rental in Singapore when looking for where to stay while renovating their own home. So here’s why furnished accommodation rentals in Singapore is the winning move for expats.

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Can foreign workers rent private property in Singapore?

In short, yes, foreign workers can rent apartments in Singapore. But there are certain conditions and considerations to take note. For long-term leases in Singapore, foreign workers need to have a valid Employment Pass, Work Permit, Student Pass, Dependent Pass, and a Long-Term Social Visit Pass.

If you’re a spouse of an expat, you can still look for a furnished apartment for rent in Singapore so long as you have a valid Dependant’s Pass.

What’s included in a furnished rental?

Household appliances and furniture are what a furnished rental should include, at least nowadays. Most of the time, unfurnished apartment rentals in Singapore come with white goods—electronic appliances such as the washing machine and the refrigerator.

Nowadays, a furnished house rental in Singapore often comes with basic furniture, like a couch for the living room, or a dining table set in the kitchen. Whether it’s near the Central Business District or not, even the most sparse apartment rentals in Singapore would have cabinetry installed in the living spaces.

Why Expats Should Move Into a Fully Furnished Apartment for Rent in Singapore?

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1. Time Savings

Talk about a turnkey solution. If you want to be free of the hassle of trundling down to IKEA and assembling your couch the first week you arrive, consider a furnished accommodation rental in Singapore. You get to just move in and put your feet up in your lush, spacious apartment.

Not to mention, you don’t have to shift all your old furniture from your home country all the way to Singapore too. All of that adds up when you have a big family. Rest assured, there are plenty of furnished apartments for families of all sizes in Singapore.

Studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments can be just as luxurious as well. A lot of condominiums at prime locations often have plenty of smaller apartment units to cater to the young upstarts of the world, where the living spaces are maximised for both comfort and utility.

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2. Cost Effective Living

While ‘fully-furnished’ does connote a hefty price tag, even if you’re staying at an HDB flat, the more affordable option when expats look for a whole unit for rent in Singapore. Given that you don’t need to pay for all the new furniture and appliances when you’re moving abroad, you’re saving more than just a couple of dollars on your expense sheet. What’s more? Some landlords even throw in high-speed WiFi along with the rent.

This can help you shift the maintenance cost to the landlord as well. In most leases, there is a minor repairs clause spelling out the amount the landlord is responsible for when wear and tear occurs on the rental property. There are different variations to it.

One common variation is where the landlord agrees to pay a certain amount for each repair, above which the renter has to chip in. For example, if the lease allocates $200 for minor repairs, and the repairs cost $220, the landlord will pay $200 while the renter pays $20. Do remember to check the appliances that the minor repair clause covers.

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3. Furnished Bliss

You might only think of the most bare-boned furnishings when you’re thinking of what’s included in a furnished rental. But if you have a sharp eye, you might be able to find stylish apartments on real estate portals.

Savvy expats may even shell out a pretty penny in their monthly rentals to stay at a Singapore condo rental. Nowadays, residential property developers in Singapore often install top-of-the-line appliances from renowned brands like Hansgrohe, Smeg, and Samsung (their washing machines, not their phones).

Not only that, condo apartments for rent also include access to all the extra amenities in the development—without needing to pay for the maintenance fees. So just hang back and get a good book as you drop by one of the gleaming swimming pools at the condo.

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The Flexibility Factor—Our Secret Weapon

In case you didn’t know, short-term apartment rentals of less than 3 months are illegal. Yes, illegal. The Urban Redevelopment Authority even encourages to suss out illegal short-term rentals, even if people can still find bookings on Airbnb. 

So if you’re only in Singapore for a couple of months, we provide flexible lease terms to help you cope with the difficulty of finding an apartment rental or bedroom rental in Singapore. The standard for rental leases in Singapore is usually one to two years. Though some landlords allow 6-month leases, we offer leases for as short as 3 months. That means you can stay at premium, private accommodation rentals in popular neighbourhoods for only as long as you need.

With MetroResidences you can find rental rooms in Singapore without an agent. We have live availabilities and accurate apartment information of all our serviced accommodations in Singapore, so it’s all a breeze. You can browse listings, pay your deposit, and lock in your apartment—in 2 minutes.


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