The 7 2023 Interior Design Trends for Singapore Apartment Rentals

TL; DR—Think nature and nostalgia for your next decor ideas for Singapore apartment rentals

How do we move forward in a moment when we need comfort the most? As we welcome a new year, a new year that seems frightful and promising at the same time, how can we make a home that both comforts and inspires? For most of the mid-2010s, most interior design trends tended to go for a distanced, impersonal feel, even if it wasn’t lacking in personality. So what are the 2023 interior design trends for Singapore apartment rentals and private homes? Read on for our take.

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1. Soft-Modern Look

In the new year, we expect something a little more meditative. It’s no wonder why the soft-modern look is making a comeback. First coming into view in the late 2000s, it espoused the modernity of the minimalist craze while softening its cold edges, warming it up with thoughtfully curated details and finishes. For example, high-gloss cabinetry can be offset with a matte wood finish for the accent panels. While it may be difficult when dealing with inbuilt furniture at a Singapore condo rental, you can start by finding more organic textures for the decor.

2. Multifunctional Furniture

We’re likely to be at home, with the continued shift to hybrid housing and the need for self-isolation in lieu of COVID-19. Every square foot counts. We’ve yet to have more hybrid housing to serve our unique work needs, and the construction sector is only now back in full swing. But construction delays have already pushed back the completion of new residential development and private properties in Singapore.

So there’ll be more focus on the flexibility of living spaces and working spaces. That’s especially true for those who want more space in their studio for rent in Singapore. Not to mention those living with family as they wait for the new housing supply to be completed.

You don’t have to limit your search for multi-purpose pieces of furniture to bigger items. Even dining and coffee tables can take on multiple roles. If you’re looking for a local specialist in multifunctional furniture, Spaceman could be your go-to solution. They have a simple, innovative twist to their furniture to free up extra space in your room. Their wall-mounted table and shelves even have space for three foldable chairs.

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3. Sustainable Design

The need for climate action has reached a fever pitch. Consumers are more cognisant of exploitative practices and the importance of sustainable approaches to manufacturing. Many are ditching inexpensive (and flimsy) furniture in favour of pieces that last longer, instead of ones that end up beside the rubber chute after a couple of months. Some are even considering antique pieces for their homes, which makes for an exceptional accent piece that stands the test of time.

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4. Biophilic Design

In some sense, this is an extension of the previous trend. While you might have heard it thrown around by modern architects, the first examples of biophilic design and architecture can be seen as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The biophilic design celebrates and respects nature, providing an environment that pays tribute to natural elements by enlivening our senses to it, all the while providing health and psychological benefits.

Now, that doesn’t mean revamping your whole Singapore apartment rental, even when the older public housing design doesn’t take this into account. All you need to do is integrate natural elements into your home. The most obvious start is with vegetation. Be it succulents or ferns, the idea is to fill your living spaces with lush, abundant plants.

But, say, if you’re decorating a new space, go with furniture that evokes nature. It can be furniture with natural materials such as bamboo, sisal, and wood. Or, you can express it through natural colours and naturalistic shapes.

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5. Earthen Tones

Caramels, terra cottas, deep corals—we’re finally seeing some colours after years of whites and greys. Nobody wants to live in what feels like a hotel room all the time, no matter if you’re a business traveller or a digital nomad. It’s emblematic of a return, a yearning for nature. Think warmth, think comfort, as the new year approaches. After all, isn’t that what we all need?

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6. Warm Metallic Accents

It’s back to basics with this one. Brass and copper are classics, after all. They brighten up living spaces and working spaces with a little charm and elegance. So experiment with delicate decor with a bit of shine, with statement lamps and metallic knick-knacks. You just might be surprised at how the embellishments can add verve without taking away the character of the space.

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7. Thick, Soft Textures

The trend we’re seeing now is a resurgence of nostalgia. But imagine less kitsch, more sophistication. Traditional, but not tacky. If you’re diving into this artisanal home concept, look out for tufted carpets and knitted throw blankets with bold tones and patterns. You might be weary of the clash of styles, but the traditional look tempers the flair, giving the space a more refined atmosphere.

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