The 3 Perks of Flexible Leases for Singapore Serviced Apartments

What they don’t tell you about Flexible Leases

Most of the time, when you hear about rental leases, it’s easy to think that they’ll last from one to two years. Versatility isn’t the first thing that’ll come to mind. But with the arrival of serviced apartments and co-living spaces, flexible leases are slowly becoming a norm. In Singapore, the government is planning to release more short-term lease sites as flexible work arrangements remain prominent. After all, flexible leases are perfect for business travelers and digital nomads alike, because there are more choices for the lease terms. Instead of the usual one, or two years, flexible leases can allow for shorter stays—3 months, 6 months, 9 months.

A Quick Note about Short Term Rentals in Singapore

The legal rental term for when you’re renting in Singapore depends on your residency status. Singaporean Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Valid Passholders can rent a property in Singapore. And even then the type of permit you have affects the types of properties you can rent. If you’re a business traveler that’s just staying in Singapore for a couple of days, you are only allowed to stay at a Singapore serviced apartment, hotel, or a hostel.

If you want to stay at HDB flats or Singapore condo rentals, you have to stay long term, with a duration that’s longer than 3 months. Though, if you’re not a citizen or permanent resident, you have to possess a valid Work Permit, Employment Pass, or S-Pass, Student Pass, Dependent Pass, and a Long-Term Social Visit Pass.

1. Flexibility

It’s all in the name. Flexibility will come as a godsend for business travellers, especially how business environments can change on a dime nowadays. With flexible leases, you can easily choose your check-in and check-out dates. MetroResidences allows for self check-in or check-out dates too and move in and out whenever you want to. For MetroResidences, we’ll actually drop you a call to see if you’d like before your lease is up. That way, you get to continue to stay at your home away from home.

And it’s not just reserved serviced apartments. You can easily find a short term apartment rental to suit your needs. There are plenty of Singapore apartments at prime locations, complete with convenient access to public transport and essential amenities. So it’s a breeze to find fully-furnished apartments with the ideal location for flexible stays.


2. Minimum Commitment

Shorter leases naturally allow for minimum commitment because there’s less of a runway before your lease ends. Your home’s renovation is taking longer than expected? Simply extend your lease. You won’t even need to break your lease if your job is changing locations or moving abroad. Granted, it’s best to check with the platform you rented from to check about the cancellation policies.

And save yourself a trip to IKEA! You don’t even need to think about buying furniture because most Singapore apartments with flexible leases already come with comfy furnishings. So you save on spending a small fortune in getting new furniture and decorations. Just think about all the hassle you’re avoiding when you’re moving to your next place.

For MetroResidences, all our Singapore serviced apartments meet our Minimum Property Standards. So, you won’t be feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what to look out for when you’re moving into your first apartment.

3. Stress-free Living

Most corporate housing and serviced apartment providers include maintenance services for when the appliances break down at no additional cost. So you don’t need to worry about things breaking down in your fully-equipped kitchen or leaking pipes at the in-house laundry facilities. Some flexible lease terms even cover housekeeping services, even if you’re staying at one of the government-built Singapore apartments. Just imagine—a life free of cleaning!


Singapore Serviced Apartments—Live on Your Terms

Workplaces nowadays can almost be anywhere, and more and more of us are turning into digital nomads and business travelers. Flexible leases allow you freedom, and you can leave at a moment’s notice. But flexible leases don’t mean low-grade furnishings. MetroResidences Singapore serviced apartments come with fully-furnished living spaces and fully-equipped kitchens. We have units in some of the most recognisable residential developments in Singapore: Burlington Square, Duo Residences, Sturdee Residences, V on Shenton, Sky Habitat, and J Gateway. So consider us as you find Singapore apartments for rent.

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