Singapore Condo Rentals Near MRT - where to find them and are they worth it?

TL;DR—Apartment rentals around the MRT may have to contend with a couple of cons, despite their convenience.

It’s as iconic as the Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands. Singapore’s subway system, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), is a gleaming testament to the success of its urban planning. Properties around MRT stations usually fetch a premium because it cuts commute times. Indeed, rates for apartment rentals along the new Thomson-East Coast Line extension have risen since its opening. Soon, more and more Singapore apartments and condo rentals will have an MRT station nearby as Singapore continues to expand its rail infrastructure. Come 2030, 8 in 10 households will have a station within a ten-minute walk, just like the systems in London and New York City.


The Singapore MRT System – An Overview

It’s the second oldest metro system in Southeast Asia, and the busiest too. It took two decades of planning before it commenced operations in November 1983. During that time, there was direct service between Yishun and Lakeside before it was eventually split into the North South and East West lines.

During most of the 2010s, it did face some scrutiny because it broke down time and time again. However, train operators and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) have committed to improving rail reliability. The LTA even touted technological advances that could facilitate maintenance, allowing engineers to monitor, detect and rectify potential faults before they occur.


The system has been continuously expanding since its inception, serving 3 million passengers every day before the pandemic hit. It now includes six lines:

North South Line: Runs from Marina South Pier in the South of the Central Business District to Jurong East in the west via Woodlands to the north.

East West Line: Runs from Pasir Ris in the East to Joo Koon in the west, with a branch line to Changi Airport at Tanah Merah.

North East Line: Runs from HarbourFront in southern Singapore to Punggol in the northeast.

Circle Line: Runs in a currently incomplete loop from Dhoby Ghaut in the city area of Singapore to HarbourFront in the south, via Bishan in Central Singapore. It also has a branch line to Marina Bay from Promenade.

Downtown Line: Runs from Bukit Panjang in the north-west to Expo in the east via a loop around the Central Area.

And, the newfangled Thomson-East Coast Line: Runs southwards from Woodlands North to Marina South Pier, before pivoting to the east and ending on the Upper East Coast (under construction).


Solving the Last Mile Problem

There is a wide range of residential property portals that can help you sift through Singapore condo rentals that are near MRT stations. We particularly like’s tool, where you can easily select the MRT stations you prefer to see their nearby properties.

You can also consider Singapore apartment rentals that are near LRT stations as well. Singapore’s LRT systems are usually located outside of Singapore’s urban core, so they could be at lower prices while still providing access to public transportation.

But serviced apartments and serviced condo rentals are usually a safe bet either way. They are not only conveniently located, but the living spaces of these residential properties are much more comfortable as well. Most of them are fully furnished with wi-fi and air-conditioning, not to mention a fully-equipped kitchen.

Is it really worth it?

Staying near an MRT station seems to be everyone’s dream. But the picture isn’t always rosy, and there are always two sides to the same coin. There is a slew of factors that could enhance or degrade the comfort of Singapore private condo rentals near MRT stations. 

Pros of Condo Rentals Near MRT stations

  1. Shorter Commutes: This is arguably the biggest reason why most residents of Singapore would want to move to an apartment unit near an MRT station. By having a station at your doorstep, you can simply hop on the subway and get to wherever you want to go in a breeze.
  2. Greater Convenience: MRT stations are typically located in central locations that are more densely populated with mixed-use developments. So you’ll have a kaleidoscope of amenities at your fingertips, from restaurants to movie theatres. Not to mention, there’d be plenty of covered walkways from the MRT stations that could take you to the other hidden gems in the neighbourhood, like heartland malls.
  3. Better Safety: Since MRT stations are usually in more crowded areas, private condos may enjoy extra safety. After all, MRT stations are well-lit and frequently have foot traffic at all hours of the day. No wonder expat families in Singapore prefer Singapore condo rentals near MRT stations.

Cons of Condo Rentals Near MRT stations

  1. Noise pollution: While most of the MRT stations in Singapore are underground, there are still quite a few above-ground stations. Private condos near them may have to contend with noise from the MRT trains. If you’re staying at a mixed-use development atop an underground MRT station, you might need to put up with noise from visitors. (As someone who’s a light sleeper, this is a huge no-no.)
  2. Higher costs: You might need to pay a pretty penny for properties near MRT stations. There’s always demand for these properties, though there’s not much extra value for their Price PSF. Most private condos near MRT stations are smaller as developers try to squeeze in as many units in the development as they can.
  3. Bigger Crowds: Since MRT stations are typically located in more densely populated areas, living near one may mean that you have to deal with more foot traffic. This is especially true when you’re staying at an MRT station with a bus interchange, as you have scores of commuters switching to the bus to get home.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, a Singapore apartment rental near an MRT station may not always be the right choice. The high price may not be worth it for the convenient location, especially when prices are at an all-time high now. Unless you find an apartment near an MRT station in a quieter neighbourhood, especially Singapore condo rentals along the Thomson-East Coast Line.


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