Seriously fun classes for the seriously bored

When it comes to business stays, work-life balance is different. No longer are you able to do things back at home, or things with your friends and family. Expat living should comprise of more than a serviced apartment stay and work.

So we’re here to help you with what to do when you’re bored in Singapore. We’re extremely serious when it comes to fun. These are 7 classes that’s sure to kill any boredom in you.

1. Hone your Instagram skills to a professional level.

Good, Steve McCurry-esque photos require more than a smartphone camera and a phoney-looking filter. Master ISO, shutter speed and aperture – the holy trinity of photography with these classes.

There are basic classes for the point-and-clicks, advanced classes and even photography trips – where you get to travel to far-off places and focus on getting that perfect snap.

School of Photography Singapore
Phocus Academy

Note: These classes may require you to have your own camera.

2. Learn the art of latte art.

Learn how to make intricate rosettas or heart-shaped milk clouds rest on top of your favourite cup of joe. Or learn to discern the subtle taste differences between an arabica, robusta and liberica bean. There are classes for the wanna-be barista or the seasoned coffee junkie who can whiff the difference between a South American blend and a pure African bean.

Common Man Coffee Roasters
Papa Palheta

3. Concoct your very own perfume.

Create your own personalised scent or concoct a perfect fragrance for a loved one. Learn and have fun with the different ingredients that go behind the aromas that make up the scents that we know and love. There is even a couple workshop to come with your significant other to create scents for each other.

Jetaime Perfumery
Sifr Aromatics

4. Flip pratas like a maestro.

Love roti pratas ever since you got here? Now you can learn to make your own. Learn everything from the preparation to the flipping

Did you know that the dough is prepared the day before, and left to sit overnight before it’s flipped to crispy, bready, mouth-watering perfection? In addition, learn how to make teh tarik, a pulled tea that goes amazing with prata.

Prata Journey

5. Craft your own lamp… or terrarium.

Get crafty and DIY your own copperworks in the form of a lamp. Make Your Own also has terrarium classes for you to build your own terrarium. They’ll make great accents to your serviced apartment. If that isn’t your thing, dabble in leatherworks and come home with a pouch or a wallet instead.

Make Your Own

6. Make your mermaid dreams come true.

Yes, you’ve read that right – you can even make your childhood dreams of becoming a mermaid come true. Syrena, Singapore’s first mermaid, opened a mermaid school where people, young and old, can come and learn how to be merpeople. The school will not only teach you the basics of being a mermaid, like how to put on a tail and swim with it, but Syrena will even teach you the history and mythology of mermaids!

The Mermaid Syrena

7. Sprout wings and fly with Aerial yoga.

Cloak yourself with silk hammock wings and take flight with Aerial yoga classes. Not only you get a solid workout out of the class, but you get to have fun and suspend mid-air like a kid on a swing. Experience an anti-gravity experience – all in the comforts of your yoga tights.

Upside Motion
Platinum Yoga

Note: You may be required to bring your own yoga mat.