Into the Unknown - What Travelling will look like in 2023

Travel in 2023 will be about deeper connections with new destinations.

Are we finally out of the woods? After more than two years of travel restrictions, it feels surreal to plan our travels with reckless abandon. But the world as we know it has changed, and we have too. Must-go destinations are becoming like cliches now. We want to see this world, our world, with a new pair of eyes. In 2023, the biggest travel trends will be all about purpose and healing.

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Sustainable Travel

The term has been thrown around for a few years now. But it takes on new importance now. We’ve been reckoning with colonialism and extreme weather events in recent years. Even the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) acknowledged that tourism needs to be accountable for its current and future impacts on the economy, society, and the environment.

So it’s no wonder travel and tourism are trying to clean up their act too. And you can see everyone, from private individuals and big-time travel brands to even government bodies doing so. Some are choosing to travel closer to home to cut back on emissions. Google Flights shows flights with fewer carbon emissions. Airlines are acquiring planes with better fuel efficiency. As companies find ways to cut down on their carbon footprint, business travellers may fly less too. Hotel chains are opting to housekeep their hotel rooms less to save on resources.

Some governments are picking up the mantle too. In South Africa, Grootbos Lodge launched a foundation to support the Masakhane Community Farm and Training Centre. The lodge gave plots of land to local people who completed the training. With that, locals can increase their income and access to local, healthy foods. But at the end of the day, how far are you willing to go for sustainability?

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Flying Solo

Many a travel blogger attest to its benefits. But now travelling solo is finally entering the mainstream. Google searches for solo travel have quadrupled since 2020, and searches for single-traveller flights are 36% higher for 2023 than for 2022.

Whether you’re solo by choice or not, we think travelling solo is the way to go. When you’re travelling alone, you’re giving yourself the time and space to truly be present with your thoughts and emotions. You don’t need to work around someone else’s schedule. So you can just go wherever you want to go and meet whoever you want to meet. ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ may hold some truth after all (the book, not the movie).

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Cultural Capitals

There’s a reason why so many films are set in New York and Tokyo. International travel in 2023 will spotlight cultural capitals, big and small. So don’t forget cities like Edinburgh, with its eponymous Fringe Festival. Of course, there’s Munich too—the home of Oktoberfest. Whether big or small, the energy from those cultural capitals is like no other. 

As we find new ways to see the world around us, cultural experiences are one of the best ways to gain new perspectives. Learn about their distinctive histories, traditions, art, and architecture; soak up the culture and the heritage. So, go! Throng all those dive bars and open markets. You’ll never know what stories you might find there.

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Getting Off the Beaten Path

There will be some that will escape the bustles of cultural capitals too. As we grow ever more reflective, the hidden gems of the world become more enticing. Rustic meadows, idyllic coasts—it’s so much easier to soak up the place at these lesser-known destinations. The extra travelling time will be well worth it.

So think about destinations like Capri, Italy, whose easygoing name masks its dramatic, cove-studded coastline. Or jet to Corfu, Greece, where its idyll belies its rich heritage. For something closer to Singapore, consider Wulai, Taiwan, with its hot springs and the ‘Lover’s Trail’ that leads to an 80m waterfall.

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As we bask in the golden age of television, set-jetting is reaching fever pitch. An oft-repeated example now is ‘The White Lotus’, a black comedy-drama anthology television series on HBO. Its setting is as beautiful as its plot is deadly. From Hawaii in Season 1, we were treated to the wickedly charming coasts of Sicily in Season 2, where the San Domenico Palace served as the base for the characters. Last October, after the second season aired, the hotel experienced an increase in web traffic from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So move aside Carrie, it’s all about Tanya now.

But TV-inspired itineraries have been having their field day for quite a while now. Fans of the Lord of the Rings have been flocking to New Zealand, while avid watchers of Winter Sonata have made thousands of pilgrimages to Nami Island for decades. Now, move aside plebs. We’re taking over New York to live out our Succession dreams (nightmares). *Cues Succession theme song.*

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Five-star Rejects

It’s all about the Three-Star Superstars now—as Expedia Group’s 2023 Travel Trends Report puts it. Travelling in 2023 is less about luxury and more about authenticity. Why get cooped up in a five-star hotel room when you can live where magical moments can happen? Who needs the breakfast buffet when you can find fresh falafels around the corner?

Hotels with fewer stars don’t mean that they’re absolute hellholes. Plenty of three-star hotels have swanky rooms and excellent amenities. So they’re perfect for spontaneous getaways, especially when a lot of us are strapping up our purse strings. Some hospitality companies and chain hotels are coming up with their own three-star superstars too.

For the well-heeled, another option may be serviced apartments. It’s perfect for digital nomads to set up base at a serviced apartment, especially when they are staying for a longer period of time. Most serviced apartments are usually near public transportation, such as Singapore’s MRT system. They usually have comfy living spaces and working spaces, and come fully furnished with amenities such as wi-fi, air conditioning, and even a fully equipped kitchen.


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