Exclusive 7 apartments with a kitchen that reminds you of home

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite serviced apartments with fully furnished and equipped kitchens so you can just get cooking and leave the house shopping to us.

To the uninitiated, travelling for business seems like a dream come true. Being able to work while exploring different cities and cultures sounds like a win-win situation until you head back home to an unfamiliar bed and the wave of homesickness hits. 

There’s no cure-all for this problem, and many travellers know this dilemma far too well. Yet, there is something that we can always find comfort in – food! There’s something about the aroma of a homecooked meal wafting through the air and being able to sink your teeth into something familiar after a long day of work. 

That surely beats ordering delivery or settling for some instant food. The next time you are browsing for an abode in Singapore, choose from our array of apartments with fully equipped kitchens. 

What does a fully equipped kitchen entail, you ask? Fully equipped kitchens should carry a variety of kitchen supplies that will aid you in whipping up your own dishes from scratch. 

You should look out for listings that have a 

  • refrigerator/freezer 
  • sink
  • stove
  • silverware
  • dishware
  • cookware
  • cooking utensils
  • dishwashing supplies
  • dish rack
  • dish soap 
  • and cabinetry

This is not an exhaustive list and you might be able to forgo some items depending on the kind of home-cooked dishes you like to create. Since you aren’t able to bring your entire bedroom along when you travel, find comfort through filling your tummy with nostalgic dishes from back home for dinner or meal prep for lunches in the day for a midday pick me up.

After all, it’s the easiest way to make your apartment feel more like home. If you are already itching to get some family recipes to bring along for your next trip and want to add some apartments to your wishlist, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite serviced apartments with fully furnished and equipped kitchens so you can just get cooking and leave the house shopping to us.

Located in the downtown of Singapore, Anders Bayview sits in Bugis and boasts two bedrooms fit for intimate gatherings and a cosy night in. Furnished with dark cabinetry against the marble floor, it, of course, contains a fully equipped kitchen with built-in microwave oven for easy reheating. 

Host a dinner party and gather in the living area for conversations and laughs over a hearty meal that you can prepare easily in the kitchen together. No squeezing past each other with this open concept accommodation, so everyone can get involved!

Lofts are in trend, and for the right reasons as they elevate a simple apartment into two-storey living quarters. Situated in the East, this apartment is a stone’s throw away from shopping centres and wet markets. You can get your groceries and fresh produce from Bedok Point, Bedok Mall and Fengshan Market, to name a few. 

This quaint apartment does come with a fully equipped kitchen – a toaster, kettle, oven, stove and fridge too. Enjoy your meals with a view of the estate with the floor to ceiling windows at the dining area or on the bed. We guarantee that you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world in this apartment!

This spacious 2-bedroom serviced apartment is in the heart of our bustling town district, yet boasts a spacious living area and a balcony as well. King size bed and a spacious wardrobe? We’re sold – gone are the days of picking outfits out of the suitcase. But I digress. 

This is another open concept L-shaped kitchen with a quaint dining area right beside, the space available is a godsend when you have everything out on the counters as you meal prep for the week ahead. Take advantage of the city lights and chill at the balcony with your dinner (or a glass of wine) and take in the sights and scenery while enjoying your meal. 

Being away from home won’t be so bad after all.

On the South West of the island, in Redhill to be exact, lies the Infinite Suites. The 700 square feet furnished apartment is a cosy place to come back to after a full day at work. With wood accents against its white walls, the apartment holds a kitchen with everything you need. 

A full-sized fridge, oven and stovetop are in plain view each time you step into the house so there is no excuse to start planning your meals now. What’s more, you can opt for housekeeping services which includes dishwashing too, perfect for the late nights and busy businessmen.

Jeman Empress Loft is located in Jurong East and true to its name, is fit for royalty. The highlight of every loft apartment is the bed area atop the living space, giving you a great view of the world outside. 

Imagine coming down the stairs to start your day with a great breakfast, or spend the night in with your favourite comfort food while lounging on the sofa. This equipped kitchen comes with many cabinetry to hold all of your groceries and utensils so you don’t have to deal with any mess left on the countertops.

This simple condominium apartment is a winner for those who still like the traditional room system of flats. The standalone kitchen is fully equipped with a traditional stovetop, great for those who are not used to the electric kind, with a full sink set up and oven below. 

Here you can make all your creations without having to worry about the smell permeating the rest of your apartment, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Last but not the least, we are featuring a co-living space, something that has been up and coming with the younger crowd for its affordability and minimalistic approach. This listing is for the attic unit, giving you the top floor view and ample space for work and even a balcony to boot. 

Come down to the first floor to their industrial designed kitchen that is shared amongst the rest of the house. Take turns with your roommates to create meals for each other once a week, a great opportunity to get to know each other and taste different cuisines. Who knows, you might take away a new recipe and a friendship as well!