Contactless and virtual apartment bookings - giving you the power of choice

We’ve always valued the convenience of getting things done through our handy devices and in the comfort of being indoors. So why not serviced apartments as well?

Being digital nomads and business travellers ourselves, we’ve always valued the convenience of getting things done with little or no contact. From getting groceries and online shopping to pizza and bubble tea deliveries, getting things done contactless has become more of a luxury than convenience.

On top of our team’s ramped-up efforts to sanitize our apartments more regularly, we’ve employed different technologies and methods to help keep our processes as contact-free as possible; ideal for this pandemic. 

In this article, we will share how easy it is to book your favourite serviced apartment; from collecting keys to saying goodbye, with no human contact at all throughout the entire process!

Introverts, calm yourselves.

Finding what you need

You’ve got to agree that when it comes to booking accommodations – be it for short term or long term stays, pictures do the talking. After all, why not choose an aesthetically pleasing apartment that is both ideally located and great for the ‘gram?

Our tech team values the same principle and have made it super easy to check out the shots of all of our apartments – whether you are on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Have specific questions or concerns that need addressing? Talk to Michelle – she will be your virtual guide on this MetroResidences journey to finding your next home.

With the essential snaps of fully furnished apartments, we’ve made it easier to help you make your decision too. Our team of digital copywriters carefully highlight key features of the different apartments so you don’t have to call or strain your eyes looking for Waldo in our apartment photos (no, there’s no Waldo). 

Quick and painless payments

Once you’ve keyed in the dates of your intended stay, you’ll be brought to the Payment page and prompted to input your credit card details.

If you’re keeping track, that’s just clicking:

1. “Book Now”
2. “Select Dates”

and voila! You’ve arrived at the payment page.

After you are done with payment, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from us and all subsequent paperwork will be done online. “You mean, everything is online?!” Yes, we’re not kidding. You’ll be contacted digitally and we assure you, it’s as easy as ordering pizza.

If you have questions that you want to clarify or have additional requests for the apartment of your choice, we’re available for calls on our hotline. We aim to be contactless but not uncontactable!

Now that you’ve found the perfect apartment, let’s collect those keys.

Check-ins made seamless

Following us on the contactless experience so far? There’s more.

Traditionally, key collection has always required some form of physical contact and interaction. However, to ensure all steps along the way follow our contactless service philosophy, we have adopted alternatives – from putting keys into safe boxes outside homes to smart digital locks. We can even deliver the keys to you!

Not only will this result in getting things done more efficiently (as there’s less time required to coordinate meet-ups), we too are playing our part as responsible members of society – reducing the risk of getting infected and/or transmitting the Covid-19 virus to others amidst this pandemic.

Now that all the paperwork is done and you’re safe within the cozy confines of the apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms, you can finally make yourself feel right at home.

Fret not, our cleaning crew takes hygiene and cleanliness extremely seriously and you can rest assured that our service apartments are thoroughly sanitized.

Just in case there are any issues during your stay or if you need help on personal matters, the customer service team is always on standby – you guessed it – 100% online. As shared previously, we’re just a phone call away or if you prefer texting (who doesn’t!?) with Michelle, our virtual assistant to resolve any issues you may encounter in the apartment.

If you’ve been staying with us for the past few months and will be checking out soon, we’ve made the experience easy too. Depending on which apartment you’re currently residing in, it can be as easy as dropping off your keys in safe boxes or letting the digital smart lock do its magic, that’s all you have to do before leaving the apartment!

We’ve always valued the convenience of getting things done through our handy devices and in the comfort of being indoors. So why not serviced apartments as well? 

These steps and measures that we’ve coupled with the help of different technologies saves a heap of time and is essential to ensure the health and safety of our guests. So, we look forward to your next stay with us. See you soon, online of course!

Remember kids, wash your hands and stay indoors!