Beating the Singapore Heat: 5 Tips to Staying Cool in Your Singapore Apartment Rental

Beat the next Singapore heat wave.

Singapore’s tropical climate is enjoyable year-round, but it can get tough to handle. And it might get even hotter; after all, we’re living through the warmest decade on record. At the end of July, the government even put out a heat stress advisory because of the high-temperature increase. Fear not, there are easy ways to keep excess heat out of your apartment rental in Singapore and keep your cool. With this helpful advice, you can make your living space pleasant, no matter the weather. So here are 5 easy ways to beat the Singapore heat in your Singapore apartment rental.

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1. Optimise Your Air-Conditioning

Nothing cools your body temperature faster than proper air conditioning. In Singapore, having a trustworthy and energy-efficient cooling framework is fundamental. The tropical climate can make air temperatures soar, making it hard to track down relief. So may need to think about organising routine maintenance and support reviews to ensure the viability of your AC equipment. Filters and vents may become clogged with dust and debris, which may lessen the system’s efficiency and use more energy.

You can also consider smart thermostats to set the temperature according to your needs. By changing the indoor regulator to a healthy level, you might bring down your power costs. And when you have the air conditioning on, seal any holes around windows and doors to keep warm air from entering and cool air from exiting to maximise your air conditioning. Even on the warmest days, maintaining a cool and comfortable interior atmosphere depends heavily on proper insulation.

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2. Embrace Natural Ventilation

While necessary, air conditioning need not be your main means of comfort. Natural ventilation can help considerably reduce your dependency on air conditioning while creating a comfortable living space.

To promote cross-ventilation, open windows on opposing sides of your flat when the hot weather in Singapore permits. This enables exterior winds to replace stale, heated air in your house with fresh, clean air. You can also place fans strategically next to open windows to improve airflow and the cooling effect. Large spaces can benefit greatly from ceiling fans since they consistently circulate air across the area.

Choosing window coverings that allow air to circulate while yet providing shade is another approach to promote natural ventilation. Choose lightweight drapes or blinds that are simple to operate if you want to regulate the quantity of light and air that enters your apartment rental in Singapore.

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3. Block Out the Sun

In Singapore’s tropical environment and humid weather, unrelenting direct sunshine may cause interior temperatures to increase quickly. Keep your drapes or blinds drawn during the warmest parts of the day to keep your apartment cooler. In order to reduce heat gain and keep sunshine out, dark-coloured curtains with reflective backings work best.

By purchasing blackout curtains, you may further increase your apartment’s ability to block out sunlight, keeping it cool and dark even on the hottest days. Not only that, blackout curtains are ideal for people who work night shifts or need a good night’s sleep throughout the day.

Solar window films are another environmentally beneficial option. These coatings can lessen the greenhouse effect and make your apartment cooler without compromising brightness by filtering out dangerous UV rays even as it allows natural light to enter.

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4. Stay Hydrated

You don’t need a heat stress guidelines expert for this tip. With the high temperatures in Singapore, it is essential to consume a sufficient amount of water in order to prevent excessive fluid loss via perspiration. Bring an empty water bottle you may reuse throughout the day and drink from it regularly to ensure your body stays adequately hydrated. 

If your Singapore serviced apartment has a water dispenser, you can add slices of cucumber, lemon, or mint to the water for a tasty twist to your drinking routine. If your apartment rental in Singapore does not have a water dispenser or pitcher, you can just drink from the tap. You can also start eating foods high in water content in your diet, such as watermelon, cucumbers, and oranges. 

These fruits have a high water content, which not only makes them delicious but also helps you stay hydrated and maintain a healthy body temperature. On the flip side, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol should be consumed in moderation because they promote dehydration.

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5. Create a Chill Zone

A “chill zone” is where you might loosen up and stay cool when there’s a rise in temperature. To make a quiet and lovely air, outfit this space with comfortable seats and plenty of shade. You can also consider adding a bean-pack chair or a lounger for when you want to have an afternoon read.

Your cool zone will be more appealing with indoor plants, and they additionally help with filtering the air. Aloe vera and the snake plant are two instances of plants that can cool your Singapore condo rental while clearing the air of harmful toxins.

Create a safe haven outside if your balcony or porch allows. To enjoy the fresh air and outdoor setting, set up a simple table and chairs or even a cosy lounge area. To avoid the heat in Singapore, consider adding a shade umbrella or canopy to fully utilise your outdoor space at your Singapore serviced apartment.


Frizzy hair is the last of our problems. The tropical climate can bring about high temperatures with irregular intensity in Singapore’s heat waves. But you can still flourish in Singapore’s fiery climate by keeping your Singapore condo rental cool to keep heat exhaustion at bay. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a local citizen, you can still turn your homes into havens of solace to beat the Singapore heat with our 5 tips above.


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