Sports for expats in Singapore.

You’re a go-getter. You’ve never liked to stay still. You also miss being able to play the sports you grew up watching, even after you arrived in Singapore. Maybe you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who wants to get back on the Gridiron, or a hockey fan from the Low Countries who needs to smack some sticks around. Whatever you need, Singapore has a surprising number of options for staying active for the homesick athletic business-person.


American Football.

Are you tired of correcting yourself from saying soccer? Do you miss Monday Night Football? Fear not because there’s a whole group of people like you – the Singapore American Football League! SAFL organises not only amateur matches for those who live for American football, they also have a cheerleading squad that you can try out for if that’s where your passions lie.

Image from: Wikimedia Commons


Field Hockey.

Hockey, or field hockey to distinguish it from the one with the ice and pucks, is big not only in the countries like Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands but it is also big in the expatriate diaspora in Singapore. The Singapore Hockey Association has a variety of teams that you can search for and join. Particularly, you can find field hockey games at the Hollandse Club run by Benelux expats who’ll welcome you to try out for matches or just social events.

Image from: Wikimedia Commons


Aussie Rules.

Whether you wear Geelong’s blues on your sleeves or the Swans’ red over your heart, you don’t have to leave behind your beloved Australian Football League just because you’ve come to Singapore. The Singapore Australian Football Club was founded on April 24th, 1993, by 10 Australians who resided in Singapore for business. Today you can watch the Singapore Wombats play or even try out for some friendly games to get your footy fix.

Image from: Wikimedia Commons


Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Far from the green grass of Ireland, the golden skies of Singapore might be a strange place to find two iconic Gaelic sports. There is however, an entire league for lovers and players of Gaelic football and hurling. The Gaelic Football & Hurling Club has teams for both children and adults who want to tough it out on the field or just find some fierce craic (Irish for ‘fun times’, of course).

Image from: Wikimedia Commons