Saying Hello or Goodbye to Singapore?

4 Interesting things to do at Changi Airport's new Terminal 4.

The best airport in the world just got a little better. Changi Airport unveiled its latest addition to the airport, Terminal 4, on 31 Oct 2017. We’ve picked out 4 new things you can do at the new Terminal 4 on top of just air travel.


Take snapshots of the PetalClouds.

Inspired by the nation’s favourite flower, the orchid, the PetalClouds is a kinetic sculpture overlooking the Central Galleria of the terminal. The sculpture that’s always in motion, dances to music by composer Ólafur Arnalds. Not only that, the entire terminal is covered in petal motifs, from carpet patterns, to ceiling hangings, and even the fire extinguisher holders. The rest of the airport is also filled with art installations from both local artists and ones from around the world.

Where to see it: It hovers a smack in the middle of the public and transit area at the Central Galleria for all to see. If Changi’s a little too out of the way for you, catch the PetalClouds in action right here on your screen:


Bask in the local culture.

The Heritage Zone

The terminal also encompasses a Heritage Zone, with a wall made to look like Peranakan shop houses, paying homage to the Peranakan culture in Singapore. These shop houses used to line the streets of Singapore, and are still prevalent in some areas like Joo Chiat, and Chinatown. (Want to live and breathe in the local culture? Check out serviced apartments in the area here.)

The walls are lined with screens that will depict a wordless musical, called the Peranakan Love Story. The story tells of two musicians, a violinist and pianist, who become unlikely lovers. The performance taps on a fair bit of technology to give a new spin to an old story.

Written by Singaporean composer Dick Lee, the 6-minute story is backed by local stars such as Adrian Pang, Koh Chieng Mun, Amy Cheng and Benjamin Kheng. The spectacle is accompanied by  the song Bunga Sayang, also composed by Dick Lee. Bunga Sayang translates to Flower Lover, or less literally, it means my dear flower.

Where: This one’s unfortunately just for passengers as it is in the transit area.

The Peranakan Gallery

Also part of the zone is the Peranakan Gallery, curated by the Peranakan Museum. The gallery is covered with artworks and artefacts from the museum and the National Heritage Board. It is divided into a few sections – the identity and diaspora of the Peranakans; their household and architecture, the fashion and how it has impacted modern-day Singapore. It also features a line of Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew uniform, which is inspired after the Sarong Kebaya, a traditional Peranakan outfit.  

Where: Above the heritage zone, at the departing transit area.

Did we mention? The eateries in this area are all hailed from the local cuisine too, like Curry Times and Bengawan Solo. Even the toilets in this area are inspired by the British Colonial era.


Walk down the Boulevard of Trees.

Boulevard of trees

Terminal 4 will be the home to more than half a million plants, more than all the other 3 terminals combined. The boarding corridor is aptly named the Boulevard of Trees, lined with over a 160 Ficus trees.

There are also green sanctuaries throughout the terminal where people can rest and relax. The baggage claim hall is walled with rock gardens, that has greenery growing on the walls. At the arrival hall, stands an enormous Fragrant Chinese Aralia tree that towers 8 metres in height.

Where: The Boulevard of Trees is located at the transit area, and acts as a boarding corridor over individual flight departure waiting rooms.


Be entertained by a 70 metre immersive wall.

The centralised security screening area is lined with an immersive 70 metre wall screen that depicts 17 different clips of Singapore’s metropolitan landscape and also, animated characters. You can watch these characters ‘handle’ and ‘clean’ you luggage as it goes through the scanner.

Terminal 4 has also implemented a system called FAST (Fast and Seamless Travel), that allows a self-service option at every step of departure. From check-in, bag drop, immigration all the way to boarding, FAST makes every stage of the process even faster. Interesting to note is the automated bag drop service, that utilises facial recognition technology, ensuring both speed and security.

Something to look out for.

Jewel Changi Airport

If you’re going to be in Singapore till 2019, you can look out for Jewel Changi Airport. It’s a multi-story shopping complex featuring the world’s tallest to-be indoor waterfall, a 5-storey garden, and a canopy park on top. You can expect the opening of the crown Jewel sometime early in 2019. The Jewel will consist of 10 levels, half of which are underground.