Island hopping for the weekend in Singapore!

Looking for a short day trip to unwind and surround yourself with nature? Singapore has many different little islands surrounding the central city that are a mere boat ride away. These islands are filled with fantastic surprises and many activities to do! From cycling, fishing and even camping, these islands are definitely a different change from the city life within Singapore.

Most of the islands in this list can be reached by ferry from the Marina South Pier, which is located just right at the exit of the Marina South Pier MRT Station on the North-South Line.

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Kusu Island.

Kusu Island, or also sometimes referred to as Tortoise Island, is a small island filled with wondrous surprises. Legend has it that the entire island of Kusu was transformed from the back of a giant tortoise deity (and if you pay attention, some say the island might even move!).

Perhaps the most iconic feature of the island comes from its hosting of friendly tortoises in the sanctuary and shelter near the centre of the island! Be filled with awe as you look at these adorable little creatures emerging out of their caves when you stop by the pit. The island also houses a shrine that lets you make a wish when you toss a coin in! Kusu Island is definitely something special.

Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon).

Not to be mistaken for its counterpart in New York, Coney Island is perhaps the most accessible getaway on this list. Located off the coast of Punggol, Coney Island can be entered from the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk. You can rent bikes and go fishing in the area! You can even sign up for a guided tour hosted by one of the Park’s volunteers where you can learn more about the Island’s history and nature. Most important of all, Coney Island is located relatively close to many estates of Punggol, making nature easily accessible to those living in the area!

Lazarus Island.

Often touted as Singapore’s best-kept secret, Lazarus island is Singapore’s little beach paradise. If you look up pictures of this picturesque island, you might even confuse it with something in the Bahamas. Lazarus Island is a quiet little getaway that can also be reached by taking the ferry from Marina South Pier.

The island is also home to many little cats that have grown to love this island as much as we do! In order to maintain the island’s elusive stature, there are no toilets or stalls selling food available on the island. This is something to take note when planning a trip there!

St. John’s Island.

Another feline getaway. If you’re a cat lover, you’re in luck. St. John’s Island is a thriving cat island! Apart from these furry felines, St. John’s Island is also an important location for research and science. There are research facilities located on the island dedicated towards the conservation of Singapore’s marine biodiversity. The island also houses several small bungalows available for bookings if you’re looking to stay on the island for a night!

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