10 reasons to not do your own housework!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a professional Serviced Apartment, then you can rest assured knowing that your place will always be spotless.

We’ve all been there. You come home after a long day to a messy home. Breakfast dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, and the bathroom sink somehow still running even though you swore you turned it off. It’s enough to drive anyone up the wall!

 If you’re lucky enough to live in a professional Serviced Apartment, then you can rest assured knowing that your place will always be spotless. For the rest of us, housekeeping services are well worth looking into. 

You can get the pros to clean your home on a regular or one-off basis depending on your schedule and needs. Read on for some of the many benefits of subscribing to housekeeping services.

1. You won’t sweat the small stuff

There are some finicky parts of the house that most of us neglect – window cleaning and oven cleaning, for example. Think about it, when was the last time you broke out that bottle of Windex, or scrubbed the racks in the oven? 

Professional housekeepers are trained to take care of every nook and cranny of a client’s home – customer satisfaction guaranteed.

2. It’s more efficient

Let’s face it, you don’t clean your entire home on a daily basis, which means that you won’t have the expertise and time-saving tips that a professional does when it comes to keeping your living area spotless. 

Take three hours to do the vacuuming? A professional does it in just one – with the added bonus of reaching those pesky corners and edges.

3. Fit it around your schedule

We get it, not everyone wants a stranger in their home, even if it’s for cleaning purposes. There’s an easy fix, though. Work with your housekeeper to create a schedule that fits with your full time/part-time working hours or weekends away so you can return to a clean house. 

Some companies even offer the option of one-off cleanings, which means you can leave for an afternoon and return to a home that’s as spotless as when you first moved in. One-off cleaning is also great for when the festive season rolls in (more on that below)!

4. It’s easy on your wallet

There’s a prevailing belief that housekeeping services are exclusively for the upper echelons of society, but nothing could be further from the truth. Housekeeping in Singapore is actually very affordable, with rates starting from as low as $20 an hour. 

Of course, there are companies that offer “luxury” cleaning with an accompanying price tag, but for all intents and purposes, hiring professional housekeeping services doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

5. More “me” time

When you do your own chores, it’s easy to do everything “later” when you’ll have more time. By the time Sunday night rolls around, the house is no cleaner than Friday, and the guilt sets in. Avoid the trap by getting help from the experts. 

Coming home to a spotless space means more time to put your feet up and relax after a workday, or enjoy time with friends on weekends without feeling bad about the dishes piling up in the sink.

6. You finally get to declutter

Clutter builds up over time, and less cleaning means more clutter. Not only is it distracting, it gets in the way and makes the house look untidy, even when it might not necessarily be dirty. 

Regular cleaning reduces the clutter in your home by putting things back where they belong so your rooms always looks well put together. Been thinking of Marie Kondo-ing your space for a while now? When your rooms are clean, it’s easier to see what definitely doesn’t spark joy.

7. Have guests over without the hassle

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or having a home open, housekeeping services can ensure that your living space is pristine for any event. 

The aforementioned one-off cleaning sessions are great for this – prepare your table settings and whip up the perfect meal while leaving the tidying to the professionals.

8. It’s actually cleaner

Believe it or not, all the diluted Dettol in the world won’t make as much of a difference as a housekeeper’s cleaning products. Industrial grade disinfectants, powerful vacuum cleaners, and sturdy brushes for those pesky cobwebs are just some of the things a seasoned professional has in their arsenal to clean your home. 

For families with young children or pets, a good deep cleaning of the house on a regular basis helps to get rid of the fur and stains that come with having little munchkins.

9. You can get a hand around the house too

Some housekeeping services offer add-ons such as laundry, air-conditioning maintenance, and even plumbing, so you’ll never have to struggle with a leaky faucet ever again. What’s more, these additional services are easily accessible – they’re just a phone call away.

10. You’ll be more productive

Everyone knows that you focus better in a neat environment – there’s less clutter to distract you, and you’re not fretting about what that suspicious stain on your desk is. 

Engaging a professional housekeeper takes the brainwork of chores out of the equation, which means more energy for other activities like a forgotten hobby or sorting through that pile of office papers from last week. 

It’s clear that hiring a housekeeper goes beyond simply keeping things spotless. For families, it means one less thing to worry about with the rush of raising children. For young professionals, housekeepers free up precious time for catching up with work and friends. Anyone can benefit from professional help when it comes to cleaning services. 

However, if you’d rather have someone else sort out the logistics, professional serviced apartments are sure to tick all your boxes. Sleek, modern living spaces with amenities like fitness centres, security, and of course high standard professional housekeeping are available all over Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.