Worst secrets of the hospitality world.

We usually associate dining and accommodation establishments with a correlated ‘star ranking’. The higher the number of stars said establishment claims to be ranked, the higher standard of service one would expect from it.

From cleanliness to services provided, more and more whistleblowers have been coming forward to shed light on appalling practises that go on in the hospitality industry. So here’s a collection of what we know and what you should.

You probably aren’t getting the best choice.

“There is a lot that goes on behind closed doors. Even at the start, your booking process isn’t as ‘honest’ as you’d hope for it to be. Best options are usually reserved for travel companies and agents. Sales teams and managers get a cut from the deals made with travel companies.

Embracing the digital age, we book most things online. But online booking transactions might not be your best bet. In efforts to make online booking seamless and efficient, systems are built to push out whatever room they have at hand.

Plus, when manual bookings are processed, due to volume and high turnover rates, you might be getting lower quality options because the person handling these bookings, just wants to get his or her job done. It’s nothing personal.

They don’t even wash it!

We’ve heard whispers; you know that nice warm napkin you use to wipe your face with? Others enjoy it too and chances are, there’s still a bit of them left on those towels. Your seemingly sterile face towel might not be as fresh as you would have hoped.

High customer turnovers and long shifts might see your towel only lightly splashed in a communal pail and tossed in the microwave to make it ‘hot’, then it’s on to the next unsuspecting individual. It’s not that sterile.

On the topic of wiping and everything unsterilised, you might want to wash cups and glasses yourself. Housekeepers have been known to reuse the same cleaning cloth used to wipe down everything in the toilet; from the sink to the toilet bowl, to give cups and glasses a good rub.

So next time you want to put something on your face or in your mouth, think twice.

Breathe in that bacteria.

Poor maintenance systems and constant humid weather come hand in hand for this next one. Ever get that unsettling damp odour of mildew when you walk into older establishments? That’s probably because it is mould and mildew.

This build-up of mould is often caused by the tireless running of the air-conditioning units in humid climates coupled with the disregard for a clean every now and then. The cool air you feel is likely to be laden with particles you would rather not inhale.

People tend to pick non-smoking options when it comes to rooms or areas but with the gunk that’s already building up in the air-conditioning units, does it really make a difference? Those prone to asthma attacks and respiratory infections should take note of this.

Daily not-so Specials

There is a reason why places like to promote ‘Daily Specials’. It’s highly likely that the only reason they are pushing out ‘Fish & Chips’ is because the fish is about to go bad.

It makes sense, business-wise. You would want to cut your losses. What does it mean for patrons? You won’t be getting the best quality produce. We would suggest avoiding seafood specials; things like clam chowder – daily specials, if you want to be safe.

Of course, this does not necessarily happen everywhere but with the recent food poisoning scare, one would rather be safe than sorry.

You’re paying for yourself.

Everyone’s cutting cost. Even the chefs. Of course, they are happy to accede to your request for the premium grade abalone or truffle for your wedding banquet menu. But do you know that to ensure high-profit margin, some establishments would only serve up the quality ingredients to the VIP tables, and use a lower grade option for the rest of your guests?  

Would you have the time to inspect the food at every table? No. Will the guests complain? Of course not! They probably won’t even know the difference.


With a pinch of salt.

Now, we can’t guarantee all these practises happen across the board neither can we assure you they don’t. So take it with a pinch of salt and whatever you do, just don’t put that towel on your face.