What $6 can get you at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019.

Unless you just arrived in Singapore, you should be familiar with the annual food and shopping rush that channels through the heart of Geylang Serai during the period of Ramadan. Prices have gone volatile in recent years, so here’s a handful of cheap food options $6 and under.

What’s this about?

Once every year, the streets of Geylang Serai are lit by the life of vendors and craze of patrons flocking to the food maze that is the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 (or just Geylang Bazaar, which is a night market or ‘pasar malam’).

During the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, stalls pop up selling Malay fare, drinks, clothes, goods and etc, in the spirit of celebration and preparation for the upcoming Eid (Muslim holiday) festivities.

People from all over Singapore flock to Geylang Serai to get involved in the atmosphere that can arguably be described as a month-long Christmas Eve. From local fare like chicken rice, fried rice and egg noodles to new fusion creations, there’s something for everyone.

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When and where is this happening?

The bazaar this year runs from the 3rd of May till the 5th of June 2019.

Depending on where you begin, the bazaar stretches from Geylang Serai Market, through the new Wisma Geylang Serai, past Haig Road food centre, along Tanjong Katong Complex and around the opposite Sims Ave.

Here are some options for getting there:

Take a train to Paya Lebar MRT station

Or take the following buses: 2, 7, 21, 24, 26, 28, 51, 67 or 155

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So here it is!

1. Pebbles

Here’s a sweet treat first on our list of all things $6 and under. Pebbles carries these Belgium waffle pops. Dressed in an assortment of icing options and sprinkles, these are colourful and fun snacks to check out. It’s a great way to start your weekend strolling around the bazaar!

(photo credit: Pebbles Facebook)

Average price: $4.90
Where to find them: WGSB017


2. Take A Bite

Still need to satisfy that sweet tooth? Take A Bite wants you to take a bite of their soft serve ice cream. A flavour locals would appreciate would be their take on the famous white rabbit candy we used to have as kids. It’s a cool flavour take that will leave you happy you made the choice.

(photo credit: Take A Bite Instagram page)

Average price: $6
Where to find them: WGSB019


3. Ayam Percik

Let’s take things back a little more traditional. One of the most common items you’ll find at the Geylang bazaar is an Ayam Percik stall. It’s basically a really good grilled or barbecued spiced chicken wing or drumstick which has quickly become associated with traditional Malay food. These you can find all around the bazaar.

(photo credit: source)

Average price: 1 goes for about $2 and a thigh for $4
Where to find them: WGSB138


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4. Famous Vadai Uncle

Here is a personal favourite of mine. For those wondering, Vadais are deep fried palmed-sized dough fritters usually flavoured with a whole prawn on the side (vegetarian variants are considered more traditional). It’s also served with green chillies. They also sell an amazing Masala Vadai unlike any other! This famous vadai uncle didn’t give himself that title. Over the years his stall has been one of the go-to’s in pop up bazaars.  

(photo credit: source)

Average price: 7 pcs for $5
Where to find them: WGSB001

5. MyLaksa

Keeping it local is a new stall in the bazaar. MyLaksa specializes in paper bowl laksas’; offering two kinds, the assam fishball option swings in at only $5. Rice noodles in a spicy and sour soup is a popular favourite. It’s not very often you find laksa at the bazaar but it’s a familiar welcome.

(photo credit: source)

Average Price: $5 for the Assam Fishball Laksa
Where to find them: WGSB002


6. Turkish Kebab House

Now for a familiar sight at most bazaars in Singapore (and around the world). You always need a stall selling kebabs! Here is our pick for the geylang bazaar. Many other kebab joints often stinge on the filling. The Turkish Kebab House though usually steps up and serves a healthy proportional amount of meat per bread. The best part is, they prepare their dough from scratch and it’s all freshly baked. So they get our vote!

(photo credit: Turkish Kebab House Facebook)

Average Price: $5 for chicken and $6 for beef.
Where to find them: WGSB126


7. Loco Loco

Another usual face seen at the bazaars of Singapore is Takoyaki. The popular Japanese street food has taken the world by storm and has its feet firm in Singapore. Loco Loco though, offers a different take on these little balls of goodness. They have come up with a salted egg flavoured takoyaki! Salted egg on everything doesn’t always work. But this one does!

Average Price: $6 for the Salted Egg Yolk Takoyaki
Where to find them: WGSB030


8. Charkoi

This next one comes in both sweet and savoury options. It’s a fun take on a traditional local classic and to be honest it just makes so much sense. Charkoi serves a pimped out version of the Yu Char Kway (Youtiao). Laden with rainbow sprinkles or drenched in milky Nutella, these sinful treats should have been introduced into our lives much sooner.

(photo credit: Charkoi Instagram)

Average Price: $4 – $6.50 per piece
Where to find them: G294


Bonus (just top up $0.90!)

Masakan Shaik Sabri

Alright this one isn’t under $6 but… it’s Briyani for $6.90! So it’s a bonus for you guys. Shaik Sabri dishes out a good pack of mutton dam briyani and its worth that extra $0.90. Big chunks of mutton on tasty savoury rice will rumble your tummy just from sight. But don’t take our word for it. Head on down and try it yourself!

(photo credit: source)

Average Price: $6.90
Where to find them: WGSG287