The one season Singapore, all year-round.

Missing the weather back home? You might be surprised to know that seasonal nuances can be found in Singapore too!

Tropical Singapore sees endless summers and is hardly associated with the changing of seasons. The ever-present sun only ever makes way for rain. However, roughly once every year, the green island city is littered with soft pink and sometimes pastel cream flowers.

The trumpet tree warms a blushing pink every now and then. Similar to Japanese Sakuras, the Tabebuia rosea blossoming is a sight to behold in what green we have everywhere. The trumpet flower is rather common in Singapore as its trees are easily found.

A stroll in one of the many parks and gardens around Singapore could lead to the sighting of these beautiful pink crowns. As the sunshine takes after a light deluge, these flowers are a sight to behold. Recent blooms have caught the eye of citizens and netizens alike, garnering much talk over social media.

At the end of their term (or thanks to the pelting rain), the trumpet blossoms spiral to the floor in a dazzling dance, carpeting the roads and paving the paths; mimicking the falling of foliage in autumn.

So if you ever feel bored of the constant green, you might be in for a surprise the next time you head out. The possibility of a fleeting spring or a brief autumn could be your fix in an endless summer.