The Best Of: Katong Grocery Shopping

Welcome to The Best Of series. Here, we dive into a variety of districts and areas around Singapore; exploring interesting places to visit, quirky people to say hello to and even scrumptious food to sample!

Sometimes, nothing beats home cooking. With the abundant choice amenities, Katong is close to a number of supermarkets and wet markets.

Closer to the south, you’ll find Parkway Shopping Centre; a wonderful mall packed with restaurants, retail outlets and electronic stores, you’ll also find Cold Storage and Giant Hypermarket.

These grocers carry international and local produce for your convenience. Moving in more Central, you’ll find Geylang Serai Market; a wet market with a focus towards more local produce.

If you’re feeling adventurous, no cluster of residential flats is without a small supermarket or wet market of their own. You could head on down to the few surrounding heartlands such as Haig Road and Marine Parade. Don’t worry, the local tradesmen are friendly and usually up for a haggle at wet markets.

Here’s a compiled list of supermarket and wet market options to get you started!

If the idea of exploring a wet market is a bit daunting, here’s a survival guide to help you out on your first trip. We also have some tips and suggestions for grocery shopping in Singapore.

Rich in culture, history, food and luxury; Katong sits highly on the list of well-known Singapore grounds. Named after a species of ‘sea turtle’, Tanjong Katong rests proudly on the shoulders of East Coast.

Once decorated with boathouses, beach-side retreats, mansions and recreation clubs, the area now preserves its legacy through beautiful 1970’s shophouses and repurposed colonial buildings.

Peranakan flair is paired with diverse fare in this quaint district. Come dusk, the malls, tasteful bars and countless restaurants pick up the warm hug that Katong offers. So strap yourself in because it’s going to be one fun ride!