The Best Of: Katong Food

Welcome to The Best Of series. Here, we dive into a variety of districts and areas around Singapore; exploring interesting places to visit, quirky people to say hello to and even scrumptious food to sample!

Late night bite or breakfast delight. The streets of Katong have it all! Adorned by warm rustic cafes and loved for timeless eateries all along the slip-streets of East Coast road, you won’t be out of food choices when it comes to mealtime.

How about one of the best ‘Prata’s’ in Singapore; crispy fried bread dunked in delicious spicy curry? Visit Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata along Crane road. The cosy stall is tucked in an old coffee shop. Often patronized by the locals, make sure you come early or you’ll be left with nothing but a frown and a rumbling tummy.  

Some say, ‘Steak for lunch’. Others say, ‘Why not?’. With a variety of steakhouses and grills along the stretch of Joo Chiat Road, you’ll always have a choice like Aston’s Specialities or Brotzeit Katong.

If you’re in Katong, you can’t give the famous Katong Laksa a miss. A spicy coconut cream-dominated gravy drowns dollops of cockles and fish cake, this dish is served over thick rice noodles and is a local favourite. 328 Katong Laksa will make sure its a favourite of yours soon too.  

The time in-between is often best filled with dessert. Known for its Peranakan roots, you can find traditional Malay and Nyonya kuihs and cakes over at Glory Catering Pte Ltd on East Coast Road. If artisanal ice-cream is what you crave, Birds of Paradise serves one-of-a-kind gelato nestled in a basil-spiced cone.

Rich in culture, history, food and luxury; Katong sits highly on the list of well-known Singapore grounds. Named after a species of ‘sea turtle’, Tanjong Katong rests proudly on the shoulders of East Coast.
Once decorated with boathouses, beach-side retreats, mansions and recreation clubs, the area now preserves its legacy through beautiful 1970’s shophouses and repurposed colonial buildings.
Peranakan flair is paired with diverse fare in this quaint district. Come dusk, the malls, tasteful bars and countless restaurants pick up the warm hug that Katong offers. So strap yourself in because it’s going to be one fun ride!