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The Best Of: Katong Culture

Singapore - January 9, 2018: The man walking by colorful colonial building the red house in Katong square on E coast Road in Singapore.

The Best Of: Katong Culture

Welcome to The Best Of series. Here, we dive into a variety of districts and areas around Singapore; exploring interesting places to visit, quirky people to say hello to and even scrumptious food to sample!

A stroll through the district and you might find little bits of information along the trail. Old bookstore, coffee shops and minimarts can be found along Joo Chiat Place.

The Katong Post Office sitting in an old 2-storey colonial house is possibly one of the oldest neighbourhood Post Offices still standing in its original location. Just behind I12 Katong Mall, you would find a whimsical arrangement of pastel coloured houses hidden off-East Coast Road.

A few meters down, there is a Peranakan heritage store, selling decorative tiles of yesteryear and books on the history of those very streets.  Further inland you can find Goodman Arts Centre, a former school, it now holds space for frequent theatre and gallery events.

Take a turn on any street around Katong and you won’t be too far from the shophouses of the 1970’s. Etched onto the walls of these iconic buildings are the stories of the multiethnic and diverse culture that made Katong what it is today. Much of the area has been preserved by development programs to ensure that part of Singapore history isn’t lost.

Rich in culture, history, food and luxury; Katong sits highly on the list of well-known Singapore grounds. Named after a species of ‘sea turtle’, Tanjong Katong rests proudly on the shoulders of East Coast.
Once decorated with boathouses, beach-side retreats, mansions and recreation clubs, the area now preserves its legacy through beautiful 1970’s shophouses and repurposed colonial buildings.
Peranakan flair is paired with diverse fare in this quaint district. Come dusk, the malls, tasteful bars and countless restaurants pick up the warm hug that Katong offers. So strap yourself in because it’s going to be one fun ride!
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