Singapore Room Rentals vs. Studio Apartments: Which Is the Better Choice

A Battle for the Ages

We’ve said it time and time again: it’s all about what you need. Are you an adventurous digital nomad who doesn’t mind more humble furnishings? Or are you a high-flying business traveller who needs your own sanctuary? Would you be alright with not having a private bathroom? Do you need a prime location for your stay in Singapore? Whatever you’re up for, let’s navigate the nuances between Singapore room rentals and a studio for rent in Singapore

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Why Serviced Apartments Have An Advantage

No matter if you’re finding a room for rental or a whole studio apartment, getting a serviced apartment is the way to go. Whether you’re a business traveller or a digital nomad, Singapore serviced apartments can offer you hassle-free private accommodation rental wherever you’d like to stay in Singapore.

There are a wealth of options across Singapore, be it in the Eastthe West, the city centre, or the City Fringe. You can choose to luxuriate in the gentle bends of the Singapore River, Robertson Quay, and Clarke Quay, or perhaps the frenetic energy of Orchard Road. Some are even near key public transportation nodes like bus stops and MRT stations. You can easily find serviced room rentals in condominiums that are near educational institutions too.

Even if it’s a simple bedroom rental in Singapore, serviced apartments amp it up, offering plush furnishings, high-speed Wi-Fi, top-notch household appliances, spacious living spaces, and even a fully-equipped kitchen. To top all of that off, serviced apartment providers (like us, of course) can serve up laundry services and housekeeping services.

You don’t need to worry about the rules of the Singapore rental market. All you need to decide is that you find the right serviced apartment and the length of your lease term. Then you’re good to go. Looking for serviced, furnished accommodation rental in Singapore? We have some of the most affordable serviced apartments in Singapore.

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The Charm of Singapore Room Rentals:

This is where the excitement of a brand-new chapter begins. It’s a sure bet that you’d first move into a room rental in Singapore when you first come over, especially when you’re an international student. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Cost-Effective: Whether the room is in a flat for rent in Singapore or a spacious condo rental, it’s often the most affordable accommodation options in Singapore. You can find affordable room rentals across different price ranges in Singapore. If you don’t mind, you can even split the monthly rental with one or two more tenants for the same room.But if you’re staying at a serviced apartment, you probably can only share the room rental with your significant other. You have to provide your partner’s ID to verify as well. Not to mention, room rentals in Singapore often already include the utilities and shared amenities. Albeit some landlords will have a limit for the utilities every month. Then, everyone else has to chip in for the top-up if the bill goes over the limit.
  • Community Living: Since you’re sharing the whole unit for rent in Singapore, you’d have your fellow residents to meet as well. You get to meet residents from diverse backgrounds, all exploring and journeying in their expat life. From learning new recipes to getting fresh perspectives, who knows what you might learn from each other?
  • Furnished Options: Many room rentals come fully furnished, since it’s unlikely for single occupants to invest in brand-new furniture, even if it’s a long-term room rental. Furnished room rentals in Singapore are perfect for expats coming into Singapore because you save time, money, and effort to furnish a room from the ground up.
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The Appeal of Singapore Studio Apartments:

This is pure single-occupancy bliss. You get the entire apartment for yourself—not to mention world-class amenities, if you’re lucky. That said, you can easily find Singapore’s studio apartment rentals with pools because a lot of these units are located within premier condominium developments, complete with convenient locations and public transport access. But that’s not all:

  • All-In-One Living: Everything you need is within reach in a studio for rent in Singapore. From a compact but fully-equipped kitchen to a cosy living area, these spaces are designed for efficiency, ensuring a breezy, seamless living experience.
  • Long-Term ComfortRoom rentals are often seen as a transient solution, whereas studio apartments cater to those seeking a more stable, long-term living arrangement without compromising on comfort and convenience. Plenty of homeowners in Singapore opt for a studio apartment as they renovate their homes for that reason. Not to mention, plenty of tenants of studio apartments continue their stay because of that too.
  • Customisation: For expats, a studio apartment is a home away from home. Of course, you can’t hack down the wall, but you can make the unit your own. After all, there are so many ways to make the house a home.
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In the kaleidoscope of accommodation options in Singapore, we hope our additional insights have helped you navigate the dichotomy between room rentals and studio apartments in Singapore. And it’s not always black or white; like we said at the top, it boils down to personal preferences, budget considerations, and how long you need to stay. By understanding the unique attributes of each accommodation option, you can embark on your life in Singapore with nothing but confidence, knowing that your chosen accommodation aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.

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