Recommended reads for any expat in Singapore

One’s never too busy to make time for a quick read before bedtime or during the commute to work. Whether you’re an avid reader or not, make room on your to-read list for these recommended books and immerse yourself in the experience of living in Singapore.

Diary of an Expat in Singapore by Jennifer Gargiulo

Source: The Finder Singapore

The struggle of a mum is real. The struggle of an expat mom takes it to a whole different level. If you’re wondering whether you’re alone in this ride, rest assured that you’re likely sharing the same experiences with Jennifer (and probably many others) as she pens down her quirky observations of the everyday life in Singapore, dealing with humidity, stereotypes and local customs.

Complete Notes from Singapore: The Omnibus Edition by Neil Humphrey

Source: GoGuru

Neil Humphrey is a British expatriate who lived in Singapore for a decade and published three best-selling books detailing his life and thoughts of living in Singapore. This Omnibus Edition is a collation of all three books. Expect to find witty anecdotes offering a refreshing twist to anything we find mundane. This is our highly recommended read for anyone preparing for their move or have already settled into their serviced apartments in Singapore.

The Strangely Singaporean Book: Strangely Singaporean and Proud of it.

Source: Pinterest

The go-to book if you’re hoping to master the art of Singlish. Learn words like “Bo jio”, “Sabo king” and “Hao lian” and understand the story and meaning behind each phrase. With only a tiny paragraph (or two) on each page, it’s the perfect book for a leisure flip-through.

Little Ironies: Stories of Singapore by Catherine Lim

Source: Goodreads

Looking for a fictional read with a local touch?  Written by one of the best-selling local contemporary authors, this book comprises 17 short stories portraying everyday characters navigating through life amidst the ironies and customs in Singapore.