Pet ready Serviced Apartments

Your complete guide for finding the perfect serviced apartment to house you and your four-legged companion. Also, a little bit on how to get them in first.

Sometimes, a house doesn’t feel like home till everything is there. Now, we cant help you find a loyal tail-wagging housemate but we can help you find the right apartment for your pet and guide you along the process of getting them across the Singapore border.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. For the sake of this piece, I’ll be talking about the four-legged, furry kind (namely cats and dogs). But no matter what the species, we love all of them just as much.


In Singapore, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority requires that all pets be tagged and registered. Owners are required to process the insertion of a micro tagging chip under the skin of their pet. About the size of a small bean, this chip is tagged with details such as the animal species, it’s breed, it’s given name, birth particulars and related owner’s details.

This process allows for legal registration and ownership. It aids in protecting the animal from illegal trafficking, related disease preventions and should your pet get lost, a speedy and informed return to you.

Cats and Dogs in the Sky.

If you are good with the microchip, your next step will be buying a ticket so that your pet can ride easy.

An important point to note is that your cat or dog needs a special cage with specific requirements when travelling by plane. Those who keep ‘free-ranged’ pets might have to acclimatize their animal before sending them up in the air.

Some trips can take hours on end. This can put a lot of stress on the poor animal. If your pet is not used to a cage and limited roaming space, you are going to do more harm than good. Food and water is also something to keep in mind when sending your pet on a long flight. Make sure it is used to drinking enough water.

Upon reaching Singapore, your animal must be quarantined. Even before you book your pets first class ticket, I would advise getting in contact with Changi Airport.

(For pets from certain countries, your animal need not be quarantined. Check out the Animal Quarantine & AVA Border Control Checkpoints website for more details.)

There is a high chance there are many like you. The quarantine kennels are usually always packed with fellow travelling companions so book ahead and let them know of your plans. Officials at Changi airport can then help you along with the process of bringing in your pet to Singapore.

The check up

The main reason your pet has to be kept in quarantine is for health checks such as rabies. This process usually lasts for about 30 days. Officials will check your pets medical history; they will look at its country of origin, if it has already gotten all its medical shots and note any pre-existing medical issues.

If all is well and your pet is in the pink of health, you and your sweet bundle of fluff will be reunited in your new country of stay. During this period, you can rest assured that you will be allowed to visit and check on your pet. Be sure to book in advanced though because schedules are set early on in the week.

The quarantine centre takes care of your pet by ensuring daily walks. You can arrange to take your pet out for a walk yourself but the booking beforehand still applies.

Pro Tip

While your pet is in quarantine here is a good way to maximise time. You should look to applying for a pet license while they are in animal lockdown. This process can sometimes take a bit of time. So it will make your life easier if you can get this over and done with before the 30 days of quarantine is over.

Kennels for you and your pet.

Now that we know how to bring your four-legged companion into the country, I’ve compiled a handful of Serviced Apartments that are pet-friendly. And just because I like you so much, I’ve filtered and only included the apartments located close to reliable veterinary services, for your convenience.

  1. Urban Lights

Nestled in the warm and busy area of Lavender, Urban Lights sits at the edge of Singapore’s central district and eastern district. This great location offers the ease of commute to town and the hospitality of the east.

Located close to Urban Lights, is RA Healing centre. This animal centre offers physiotherapy, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy care for your pet. For those with pet’s that have long term health issues and require intensive care, this apartment will allow you to be close to the healing centre. The Healing centre is located 10min away from Urban Lights.

RA Healing Centre | Dog Cats Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation 

513 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218154

Opening hours –  8 am – 11 pm

Contact –  6291 6881

Another option for your pet is the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (ARVRC). It is touted as one of Singapore’s most advanced veterinary hospitals. With state-of-the-art surgical and therapeutic facilities, the ARVRC has recently undergone an extensive renovation. Thus, the centre has been made more accessible for pets and owners of all kind.

ARVRC is also located 10mins away from Urban Lights.

Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (ARVRC)

466 Serangoon Road, Singapore, 218 225

Opening hours –  9.30 am to 9 pm

Contact – 6252 2623

  1. Infinite Suites 3br

Here is a fresh and vibrant 3-bedroom apartment that offers enough space for you and your furry friend. The layout of this serviced apartment allows your pet to move more freely and it’s positioning on a relatively high floor means that you’ll get some great ventilation. This unit is also located next to Redhill MRT.

Here’s an apartment with an amazing location for pet lovers. Running almost parallel to Infinite Suites are 5 veterinary options for you to choose from.

First off, located 4mins away, you can find The Animal Doctors (Tiong Bahru).

Just next to it you will find Town Vets.

2mins away from the first two is a third option of VET@RV.

6mins from Infinite Suites is your fourth choice; Vets for Life Animal Clinic (River Valley) and last but not least, you have Oksana Bodnaruk Veterinary Services which is 7mins from this apartment.

All these options are less than 10mins from Infinite Suites.


The Animal Doctors (Tiong Bahru)

11A Boon Tiong Road, #02-07/08, 166008

Opening hours – 9.30 am – 5 pm

Contact: 6253 3023


Town Vets

22 Havelock Rd, #01-687, Singapore 160022

Opening hours – 9.30 am – 5 pm

Contact: 6276 7026



78 Indus Road, #01-487 Indus Garden, 161078

Opening hours – 12 pm – 11 pm

Contact: 6271 0665


Vets for Life Animal Clinic (River Valley)

491 River Valley Rd, #01-05/06 Valley Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 248371

Opening hours – 9.30 am – 8 pm

Contact: 6732 0273


Oksana Bodnaruk Veterinary Services

21 Nathan Rd, Singapore 248743

Contact: 6735 2119

  1. Auberge Deluxe

Sitting in a beautiful property, this apartment offers the tranquillity of the surrounding greens and the warm hospitality of closely located amenities. Found along Moulmein Road, Auberge Deluxe is a quaint and comfy studio with just the right amount of breathing space for you and your pet.

This unit is only about an 8 mins walk from Novena MRT and is blessed with bus stops just outside the door.

This serviced apartment offers two choices of veterinary options. Towards the South West, is your first vet option. Here, about a 5mins walk from Auberge Deluxe, you’ll find the Animal Infirmary. Boasting an experience head vet, you can rest assured that the Animal Infirmary will take care of your pet leaving you with one less thing to stress about.

Animal Infirmary

74 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307590

Opening hours – 9 am – 9 pm

Contact: 6358 2663

Another vet in the area is towards the North of this apartment. This one is a bit more specialised in the rehabilitation of your animal. The Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre is about 10mins away from Auberge Delux and is perfect for those individuals who have a pet that is already going through some form of therapy or rehabilitation before coming over to Singapore.

Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre

631 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329918

Opening hours – 10.30 am – 7.30 pm

Contact: 6610 1366