How to: Choose the right mobile plan in Singapore

Right, so you’ve picked where you’ll be staying. You’ve got all the documents and poured over the paperwork. Now you just have to get your phone connected to a line with data flowing.

But with the many options offered by the local telcos, where does one begin to choose the perfect mobile plan in Singapore? Well, it begins here with this guide.

Telecommunication companies in Singapore offer ‘SIM only’ plans as well as plans that come with a phone. Most ‘SIM only’ plans do not come with a contract, while phone plans come with a 2-year contract.

What is a SIM only plan?

A SIM only plan offers a package of data, talk time (outgoing/incoming calls) and SMS at a fixed monthly cost. SIM only plans are postpaid plans and function much like traditional mobile phone contracts. The biggest difference with a SIM only plan is that it normally does not require the users to sign a contract.

Recently there has been an increase in local telco companies offering deals focused on data plans; a move that caters to the data-driven needs of everyday users.

SIM only plans differ from ‘prepaid SIM cards’ which offer a prepaid amount of credit that govern the usage of data, talktime and SMS.

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What is a 2-year contract plan?

Contract plans see consumers locked into their chosen telco plan for 2 years. 2-year contracts come with a phone at cheaper prices. The only drawback is, being locked in for the duration of said contract means you won’t be able to switch telecoms if you are dissatisfied with their services.

What type of mobile user are you?

Determining your current usage is very important in order to find the best plan for you. Plan prices will vary depending on what you use the most. 

Before moving forward, we suggest that it’s best to first understand what your needs and current/future usages are. Some people live for free data, others find it important to have free caller ID. We’ve listed the following factors for you to have a think about:

  • Data Usage
  • Talk Time
  • SMS
  • International calling rates
  • Caller ID

Plans from Singaporean Telecoms 

So here’s a list of what plans the telcos in Singapore offer to help you make a more informed decision. 


SIM-only Plans

Plan Price DataCall Time SMSContract
Starhub 15g $2515 GB100 Minutes None 
Starhub 40g$50 40 GB300 MinutesNone 
Starhub 70g$8070 GB500 Minutes None 
Singtel 10g $3610 GB150 minutes5001 year
Singtel 5g$205 GB150 minutes5001 year 
Singtel 3g $203 GB200 Minutes +$5.35    1200 +$5.35     None 
M1 $3030 GB1000 Minutes 1000 None 
My Republic
Uno 18 
$181 GB1000 Minutes 1000None
My Republic
Smart 35
$3515 GB1000 Minutes 1000None
My Republic
Mega 55
$5525 GB1000 


1000 None
My Republic
Unlimited 80
$8080 GB1000 Minutes 1000None
My Republic
Xtra 85
$8538 GB + 2 GB Roaming   1000 Minutes 1000None

Mobile plans for iPhone XS Max 

Plan Price DataCall Time SMSContract
Starhub 50 $50 per month + $899 device cost 5 GB100 Minutes 2 years
Starhub 75g$75 per month + $599 device cost 30 GB300 Minutes2 years
Starhub 105$105 per month + $349 device cost        60 GB500 Minutes None 
Singtel XO 48 $48 per month + $899 device cost 15 GB100 minutes100    2 years
Singtel XO 78 $78 per month + $598 device cost 50 GB150 minutes5002 years
Singtel XO 108 $108 per month + $348 device cost    70 GB500 Minutes   5002years  
M1 48$78 + $595 device cost 42 GB    300 Minutes 300None 

International Calling Rates


Service Provider Price Information 
Singtel IDD 001$0.15 per minute Calling to over 240 countries 
Starhub IDD 018 $0.08International calling up to 17 countries 
Starhub IDD 018 VAS       $7 per month International calling up to 17 countries 
M1$0.02-0.45 per minute     Prices vary depending on where you are calling from       

These telecoms offer plans with a lot of data so Facetime, Skype, etc could be used for international calling with no additional charge. However, if direct calls are desired, telecoms do offer international calling for an additional charge per minute.

With the above table, you can clearly see which telco plan offers the best service for your mobile usage needs. With such a large variety of telcos to choose from here in Singapore, it will be easy to find the plan that suits you best.

On a side note, Singapore telcos such as Circles.Life offer fully customizable SIM-only plans. The charges are entirely dependant on the chosen features. Thus, we have excluded such customizable plans from the table due to the boundless range of possibilities.

Additional Contact Infomation

Here are all the telcos you can find in Singapore and their respective contact information:

Contact number: +65 6820 1633

Contact number: +65 6235 1688

Contact number: +65 9680 1627

Contact number: +65 6717 1680

Contact number: +65 8742 1330

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