Grocery shopping guide in Singapore: Part 1 - Supermarkets

The convenience in Singapore can in fact, make things hard at times. A hawker centre at every turn can make you very spoilt for choice. The same thing happens when you’ve got a supermarket in every neighbourhood. We’re here to show you the different kinds of supermarket chains out there and what they’re good for. If braving the Singapore heat is a bit too much, all these grocers are available online.

1. NTUC FairPrice and FairPrice Finest.

FairPrice is the largest supermarket chain in Singapore with over a 100 stores islandwide. They have a housebrand and a variety of organic goods. They cover all the bases when it comes to basic needs, from everyday staples to household necessities.

Good news if you’re British, FairPrice has introduced Tesco products. They also have variations of their stores, from premium Finest grocers to Xtra outlets that sell products in family sizes. FairPrice offers both click & collect and home delivery options. Want to live in a place where your local grocer’s a short walk away? Check out apartments near Tiong Bahru Plaza here.
Minimum of $29.00 for free click & collect.
Minimum of $59.00 for free home delivery.

2. Cold Storage.

Cold Storage brands themselves as the fresh food people, promising fresh food and produce. They offer a premium selection of goods, and house international brands that you might have sorely missed from home. They have a Waitrose line that includes their Duchy Organic products for the people from UK. They have 2 niches under them, Marketplace and Jasons the Gourmet Grocer that are upmarket, and stock more premium groceries.
For orders of $60.00 and above, $7 per delivery.
For orders less than $60.00,  $12 per delivery.

3. Giant.

A Malaysian brand that has been in Singapore for a long time, Giant is another supermarket worth the visit. They have Giant hypermarkets, that not only have a full stock of vegetables, meats and other produce but sell other merchandise such as bicycles, appliances and apparel.
For orders of $60.00 and above, $7 per delivery.
For orders less than $60.00,  $12 per delivery.

4. Sheng Siong.

Sheng Siong is a local brand, with about 40 different outlets tucked away in the heartlands of Singapore. You won’t find much international brands in their stores, but they do have their shelves stocked with local and fresh goods. Also, they carry their own label of grown/produced in Singapore.
To enjoy free delivery, order S$100.00 worth and above.
For orders below S$100.00, an additional S$6.00 as delivery fee

P.S. Look out for part 2 where we bring you guys through a different variety of grocers – artisanal, online-only and more!