Choosing the right hospital for your newborn in Singapore.

A Singapore expat’s take on welcoming a baby in Singapore.

~ Being pregnant in a foreign country isn’t the easiest thing in the world. We’ve invited experienced expatriate mother, Kirsty Best to write about her experience in choosing an ideal hospital for the pregnancy journey. ~

When I found out that I was pregnant in Singapore, I was very excited. My last pregnancy was in the Middle East and it went pretty well, so I had experience giving birth overseas.

To get started I went with word of mouth recommendations amongst local friends and other pregnant expats in the playground. From what I’ve gathered, the way it works is that you choose an OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynaecologist) first, and they will follow you throughout your pregnancy and be there to deliver your baby.

You do need to check which hospitals your chosen OB-GYN delivers at because some may add a surcharge if it’s not their residing hospital. You will have your pregnancy scans and checkups with your chosen doctor. Each consultation costs an average of S$150 plus the scan, which is an additional S$150. Do note that additional charges may be incurred as the doctors charge for their time, so be prepared to pay for this.

Being pregnant is a great time to meet new friends, enrol in some pre-natal classes and get a selection of goodie bags whilst looking at different hospitals for delivery, so my husband and I set out to check out the different hospital options.

Thomson Medical Centre (Private)

There is a great buzz of activity here, some people even call it a baby factory. They have good doctors and I even met a lovely midwife from the United Kingdom. You can arrange a tour around the delivery suites and rooms total price ranges vary from S$6,000 – S$12,000. This price range covers doctors‘ fees during labour, delivery type, hospital room type. Check if you have maternity cover with your insurance provider as they can then cover these costs for you.

Parkway Hospitals Singapore (Private)

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals  – Novena & Orchard – We checked out the one at Novena, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Opened in 2012, the hospital has a hotel-esque feel to it. The rooms are like hotel rooms and the delivery suite has a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Price ranges across the various hospitals in the group as below based on a 1-bedded room.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital – S$8,750 – S$20,000
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital – S$8,000 – S$19,500
Gleneagles Hospital – S$8,500 – S$19,000
Parkway East Hospital – S$6,200 – S$13,000

Farrer Park Hospital (Private)

This is another new hospital in Singapore, a 20-storey building which houses a 5-star hotel and spa right on top of Farrer Park MRT Station. They do not offer obstetrician, gynaecology or delivery services but do offer fertility treatment.

Raffles Hospital (Private)

This may be another hospital you wish to consider. We have used their non-maternity medical centres and hospital services as it was covered in my husbands’ work insurance. We were very happy with the service provided.

The price ranges from S$7,000 – S$16,250.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Public)

This hospital is founded in 1858 and is a recognised leader in obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and neonatology with the largest number of deliveries. It is a very good option especially if you are experiencing a complicated pregnancy or your baby has a high risk condition. On the maternity tour, they were very straightforward with certain facts and information, and highlighted that safety and efficiency is their priority.

Price ranges from: S$7,000 – S$ 11,000

MAH - Mount Alvernia Hospital (Private)

This hospital is the closest to where we live so we took a look. It is a Catholic hospital so my husband especially liked it here, being a Catholic himself. We also liked the fact that they offer to bless the baby with a short prayer after birth, and they even have an onsite chapel.

When you leave, a staff member will carry your baby to your car for you. On top of that, you get some goodies, including your own baby bath. The hospital’s atmosphere is very relaxed. The delivery room is a bit bigger than most of the other hospitals so you’ll have lots of room for an active labour.

Total estimated bill costs average from S$6,822 – S$ 14,300

About Kirsty.

An expat wife and mother of a 5 year old with another one on the way!  I have lived and worked for the past 15 years across Australia, Qatar, UK and Singapore, where we have been for 2 years. I have a passion for sharing my experiences, meeting new people and leading a healthy lifestyle.