7 Singapore Co-living bonding ideas

Running out of things to do with your troop of co-living friends? We’re about to add some spice to your stale life! Read on to check out our 7 co-living bonding ideas that are bound to bring all of you closer together.

Is your life getting a bit drab? Your early days of communal living were filled with outings every week and late hang sessions every other night with your housemates. But now, you guys don’t even talk that much!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s called ‘the plateau’ of community living. After a few months into living in shared housing, the fun and constant outings start to slow down. Co-living neighbours get settled-in at their jobs and the monotony of life takes over.

You need something to kick start those golden days once more! We’re here to help you out; here are 7 co-living bonding ideas to mend those faded relationships.

1. Lunch at work

There’s no escaping the reality of work being the main thing driving you and your housemates apart. Most of the time you only see them in the morning when you guys are heading out and at night when everyone finally clocks out.

So why not plan a lunch date! Mix it up a little! Instead of only having meals together during brunch on weekends, get everyone to meet up during lunch on a normal weekday. You don’t have to do this every day but even once a week is fine.

Think about it, it will be interesting to see each other in your own element in a different environment. Make each other take a break from what’s driving you guys apart, by participating in something that brings you all closer together.

For those of you with more flexible working hours and remote working spaces, you could even have a quick midday picnic! Sure, it sounds like a hassle to have to prepare all the food but if you plan it out, it’s really easy. Prep your sandwiches at night, then put them all together before work and you’re done; picnic sandwiches ready for lunch with the mates!

2. One roof potluck

Potlucks usually feature everyone converging to one house bringing hoards of respective home cooked dishes. Now picture that – under the same roof. So essentially, everyone is cooking their own dishes in the same kitchen or communal spaces for a feast in the same house!

Why is this fun? Well, you and your co-living mates can spend time cooking together. The idea of a potluck is meant to be very communal. People from different places with different backgrounds come together and enjoy a spread cooked by each other. 

By doing the cooking together, you and your housemates will be able to strengthen your cohesion by better understanding their culture and by working together.

3. Early morning jog!

Combine the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, a group bonding session and a caffeine-free pick-me-up with this next option; it’s daily morning jogs with the gang!

I know, I know, just reading this is already making you tired.. but it’s time to get off that lazy tushie! It goes without saying that with a busy work schedule, it’s difficult to find the time to stay in shape. Just set an extra hour every morning and head out for a quick 30min jog around the estate. 

It’s going to be tough to drag yourself out to run in the morning, I’ll be honest. That’s why you’re going to drag your housemates along with you! Misery loves company – just kidding; exercising with friends makes the task that more fun. 

Also, with a jog before starting the day, you will feel fresh and energized to take on whatever work throws at you. Make it a thing – don’t just try this out for one day. Make sure you and your pals promise each other to have quick morning jogs for at least a couple of weeks. This community event is a fun and healthy way to stay close and keep fit.

4. Room escape games

People love solving puzzles! So here’s a game that combines the art of puzzle-solving with the beauty of forcing 5 or more people into a small room. Escape rooms involve a group of individuals locked in a room riddled with puzzles. All of you must put your heads together to solve the puzzles and unlock different levels.

With every successful level completed, you will be one step closer to ending the game and escaping the room. The element of a limited time makes the game more fun! Your friendship will be put on the test as people reach breaking points and true colours start shining brightly.

The competition of Room escape games brings out another dimension of character. But when you do manage to escape, you’ll realise that you would have learned something new about your housemates and friends.

If you need help finding some escape room options, you can contact our Community Managers who would be more than glad to recommend some options! Escape rooms are gaining popularity in this part of the world, so that’s great news if you’re co-living in Singapore.

5. Volunteer

If most of the other options in this article aren’t calling out to you, perhaps something with more meaning, will. Look to community service projects.

After opening up to your housemate, you might discover a shared love for certain passion projects. I’m talking about social and volunteer work. Unlike activities to merely pass the time, getting involved in an initiative that helps others will leave you feeling great and bring you closer to your volunteering-buddy.

There are a ton of options out there to dedicate yourself to. On weekends, you can look to activities such as helping out at senior homes or orphanages, you could even head to local community centres and register as a volunteer. This way, whenever the community centre requires volunteers, they will be sure to call you up.

It’s not always easy, dedicating time to partake in community service projects but if you could spend at least one day of each weekend, it’s honestly more than most people. It’s also one day of each weekend to spend with your housemate. So, everybody wins!

6. Meet each other’s friends

Some say; the best way to truly know someone is to know the people they hang out with. Make an attempt to better understand your co-living mate by getting to know their friends.

It’s almost like a romantic relationship. “If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get with my friends..”. Now, the SpiceGirls didn’t call it for no reason. When you’re dating or getting to know someone, you make the attempt to hang out with their friends. This not only, allows you to learn more about your partner, it also shows them that you care about the people they care for.

The same thing applies to your co-living housemates. Romantic relationship or not, it matters to others if you care about them. Show them you do, by taking an interest in the things/people they care about.

This part is easy! Invite your housemates’ friends over for dinners, head out for parties, hit the pub, watch movies; the opportunities to hang are limitless! What’s important is not to try too hard. Causally invite them along co-living community events or initiate outings but if you get a hint that they don’t really like hanging with you, I suggest you take that hint and focus your efforts elsewhere.

7. Cultural Quizzes

Spaces offered by co-living companies are often populated with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It’s almost like a micro melting pot. A great way to get to know one another is to learn about each other’s cultures.

A fun way to do this is to organize activities or games where each of you shares a bit about your culture and practices. Break the ice with a cultural quiz! It could be as simple as going around a group where each person takes turns sharing about their own unique practises that might seem weird to others.

Before you dismiss this idea think about the ease of such games. During lunch or over dinner in your living areas, it could be a fun way to pass the time and learn more about your new housemates. You could even try teaching someone simple phrases in your native tongue! Keep it lighthearted and keep it fun!

Final Thoughts

Be it short term or long term, co-living spaces revolve around living concepts that are perfect for social interaction. However, the stresses of daily life can sometimes make it tough for housemates to find the time to get closer. If you only have a few days in a week, give these tips a try and may your next bonding activity bring you closer to thy neighbour.

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