5 ways to stop killing our Earth from home

Written by Riley Heng, Head of Marketing at MetroResidences

“The planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change", experts warn.

We’re screwed.

The topic of climate change is ever-present. It’s talked about in school, in the news, in documentaries, and even on product packaging.

Of course, it’s important.

But how many of those who talk about it, are actually doing something about it? To be honest, I’m guilty; and it’s time to REALLY do something more about saving our planet.

And here’s how we can, without quitting our jobs to build a solar-powered plant or looking for alternative sources of energy.

Swap your air-conditioner for a fan

What cools the room is warming up the earth. Most of our serviced apartments are residential units that come with a balcony for maximum ventilation of the house. So open the windows and enjoy the natural breeze.

The weather is getting cooler these days, making it the perfect time to ditch the air-conditioner controller and switch to using the fan at night.

Bring Your Own…

Cups – Do you know that the wax coating inside your disposable coffee cups makes it unrecyclable?

Can’t start your day without a caffeine boost? Same here! Save some dollars and minimise the use of disposable cups by having your morning fix in the comfort of your home.

No time for that? Then BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)! Check out some options here to make your morning coffee run more environmentally friendly.

Straws – Get your own set of metal straws. Dining outlets have stopped providing plastic straws so let’s do our part by completely eliminating them. I found this set of metal straws from Aliexpress that only cost a couple of bucks, and it even comes with the wider straw that’s perfect for bubble tea!

Recycle bag – Grocery hauls mean getting more goodies for the fridge and also ending up with plenty of plastic bags. Firstly, I find them to be quite an unsightly mess even if they’re piled neatly in a corner or drawer. Secondly, do I really need that many plastic bags? If like me, you don’t, then grab a couple of foldable recycle bags the next time you head out for grocery shopping.


Walk or ride a bike

Burn calories, reduce greenhouse gases and save a couple of bucks when you choose walking over driving or taking the public transport. If your apartment is within walking distance to your office, supermarket or food centre, you have no excuse not to!


Use what you need

Turn off your lights, switch off electrical appliances when not in use and don’t run more tap water than you need. Simple, but there are countless times when I thought “I’ll just leave the room lights on since I’m coming back in a bit,” and of course, I forget about it. Sound familiar? Then let’s try to kick this habit.

Natural cosmetics and beauty products

Wouldn’t have thought that your lipstick or shaving cream can save the world, did you? Most beauty and skincare products use heavy chemicals hence causing harmful environmental impact when manufacturing. Also, the chemicals can be damaging to your skin and health over a long period of time. The next time you pick your facial wash, go for the natural and organic option.

I’m sure there are more ways than these to save our earth but simply talking about it is not one. Let’s do something about it, one plastic bag at a time.