5 easy breakfasts you can make in your serviced apartment.

You just need something quick, easy, and can last you through the morning.

If you’re not a morning person, we could all agree that getting up earlier to make a hearty breakfast is close to an impossible task.

Doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a serviced apartment (or aparthotel as some would call it) for a short-term work trip or nestling in a long-term rental apartment, here are some easy and nutritious breakfast ideas that require little preparation and minimal cleaning.

Overnight oat

The fastest way to get your breakfast ready is to do it the night before, and it doesn’t even take more than 10 mins to make.

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Once you get the basic proportions right, we encourage you to get creative with the ingredients!

This is ready to be eaten right out of the fridge but if you’re not a fan of a cold breakfast, simply pop the jar into a microwave for a minute to warm it up!

Apple cinnamon oatmeal

Another make-ahead breakfast goodness. For a more environmentally-friendly option, prepare the oatmeal in a recyclable microwave safe container.

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On-the-go smoothies

Making smoothie is easy, but getting the ingredients ready costs you precious time in the morning. So, cut up the fruits to blend and keep them in the freezer the night before to save time. We also recommend using a personal blender so you can enjoy your smoothies on your way to work!

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Fabulous Frittata

This delicious but easy dish is perfect for mornings when you have a tad more time to start your day with a fancy breakfast.

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Classic Singapore’s eggs and toast

This is one of the cheapest, easiest and nutritious breakfast ideas favoured by locals. Complete this with a few slices of toast and a cup of coffee, and you’re set for the morning!

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