Type of housing

Many people living in Singapore live in houses called “HDB” or “Condominium.” HDB is a public housing for Singaporean. Although people say the price of housing in Singapore is so high, about 90% of the people have purchased a housing and most of them are HDB. In the case of purchasing HDB, the market price is about from 250,000 SGD to 375,000 SGD. Although there is not luxurious facilities in HDB compared with condo, the location is good. HDB has a convenient environment for everyday life such as supermarket.
On the other hand, a condominium is an apartment for foreigners and local wealthy people. It is called “Condo” and equipped with luxurious facilities such as a pool, tennis courts, and 24-hour security. The rent varies depending on the conditions like location and size, but the average monthly rent is from 3,000 SGD to the 10,000 SGD.

Public Peace

Some people worry about public peace when choosing living areas. But basically Singapore is a very small country so all areas are relatively stable.


Next, the point you should check in choosing residential area is accessibility. If you have a car, it’s good to choose South Bay area and West area which have some distance from city center.
Especially the West Area is an area where many Japanese companies are, and Clementi in the eastern area also has a Japanese school. It is a suburban area but there are many parks and monthly rent is not so high. It is getting to be popular among Japanese expat families because the rent is cheaper compared to the central.
If you do not have a car, you should also check whether it’s close to the subway station. If you use a bus as a transportation, let’s check if you need a transit. Also, in the case of families with children, it’s better to see whether it’s close to the school. If the school is far from the property, please check the route of school bus.

Supermarket which has your country food

In addition, some people concern whether there is a supermarket treating your country ingredients.
If you often want to buy your country ingredients, the central area is recommended. Orchard, River Valley, Red Hill and Chon Bur are close to the center of Singapore. Many expat people live near Orchard because there are many import supermarkets and department stores. This area tends to have a higher rent, but if you are in a redevelopment area like Redhill you will find a reasonable housing.


Singapore is a country that is easy for people to live in. But it’s important to have a residence in the area suits your life because immigration sometimes bring some unfamiliar things.
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