Hong Kong has gained popularity as a migrant destination in recent years because people can communicate in English. If you are thinking about immigration, you may worry about how much living expenses will be spent every month.
Let’s look at the monthly living expenses of expatriate in HongKong.

House Rent

The most concerned point may be “House Rent” in HongKong, right? It varies depending on the size and location of the property, but in the case of 1 bedroom it’s around 4,800 HKD to 12,000 HKD as market price. In the case of property with 2 bedrooms, it’s about 5,900 HKD to 15,000 HKD. The market price is quite high compared with other countries.
Hong Kong is the city with a high population density, which records the third country in the world. Therefore, the real estate is built often to enable many people to live, which brings high house rent.

Water and utilities

For water charges, the average cost for two households in Hong Kong is roughly 65 HKD to 140 HKD. Furthermore, you can use this water to drink because of distilled water which has done disinfection and sterilization firmly. Payment is done in 4-month increments. Please note that a deposit is required in the first month.
Gas fee is an average of around 350 HKD to 500 HKD. In many countries, the gas company calculates the amount of the consumption, but in the case of Hong Kong you have to report to the gas company by checking the gas meter under the sink of the kitchen by yourself. If you forgot this, you may receive more expensive invoice than usual from the gas company.
In many rental housings, Hong Kong China Soot Co., Ltd. is often used.If so, the company inspects gas facilities once a half year, and you should renew contracts at the time.

Electricity fee’s average is about 350 HKD per month, but it varies depends on the season. Hence Hong Kong has a long summer season and high temperature and humidity. In summer the air conditioner works with full power, then electricity charges often exceed 700 HKD. In winter, it’s cold but the period is short. So it can be at around 150 HKD. So let’s note too much use of the air conditioners in summer season.

Food expenses

If you want to enjoy luxury dinner every day, 400 HKD per meal is required. But if you enjoy meals on stalls as well as local people, you can get it about 30 to 60 HKD.

Transportation expenses

All Hong Kong transportation facilities are cheap. Taxi fare is from 22 HKD. However, when you go beyond ocean, it gets slightly higher. For buses and ferries are cheaper, which is from 2 HKD for one station section. In the case of MTR(subway) , it’s from 4HKD.
So, monthly transportation expenses will be roughly 700 HKD to 1400 HKD.

Internet expenses

The price of the Internet in Hong Kong is about from 200 HKD to 800 HKD, and the contract period is two years.
ADSL is popular in HongKong, and in the case of rental housing you can use only the provider which is contracted with the housing. But the speed of downloading images and loading movies is not so bad. Providers may have various campaigns to get new customers, so please check what services are available before the contract.
In addition, there are many places where Hong Kong can use Wi-Fi for free. In the facilities controlled by the government, such as airports, recreation facilities, libraries, public markets etc., you can use the Internet for free. Not only the Hong Kong government, but also a major provider company has its own many charged Wi-Fi spots. There are various plans such as a monthly plan (from 150 HKD / month) and 1 day spot rental plan (from 15 HKD / day) so it’s good to use this service..


In summary, the total amount will be as follows.
Since this is the minimum amount of living alone, it will take a little more to emigrate with family. Also, in the first month of immigrate there are many cases where you make new contracts somewhat, which require you to pay the deposit fee. Let’s prepare more of money.

Water and utilities740HKD
Food expenses2,700HKD
Transportation expenses1,000HKD
Internet expenses200HKD

If you decide to immigrate, we recommend that you also check how to apply for visa and how to find a house.
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