Singapore is a sovereign nation in south-eastern Asia, the name of it is formally called Republic of Singapore, where is located at the south edge of Singapore Island. As you can see, in Singapore Island and over 60 small islands surrounded by it, temperature of these area is very high and humid through a whole year because of the location under the equator.

Do you know how much cost for living expense in Singapore on average? Here is a overview of all about basic living cost for future settlers in Singapore.

House rent

Majority of Singapore people live in public housing called HDB (Housing Development Board), however future settlers or correspondents prefer to use condominium mansion. You can comfortably use facilities such as training gym, pool, and can eat special meals at nice restaurants in condominium mansion. On top of that, no extra need to worry about security, several security staffs are always help you in any case.
Regarding house rental, in several examples, at least 3,750 SGD with 1 LDK is major cost if it’s a new property, 6,250 SGD with 3LDK, and 2,550 SGD with 2LDK is on average if a property is at suburban region.
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Avg.Monthly Rent by Area in Singapore

Cost of Utilities

This cost is much less, but it depends on the usage how much people use. Remind yourself that Singapore is always hot and humid country! Try to adjust temperature of air conditioner. At average, approximately from 125 SGD to 250 SGD are paid.

Cost of Internet

Singapore has good internet services more than any other southeastern Asian countries, requiring higher cost than surrounding countries. If you ask ISP (Internet service provider) to adjust online service, it costs around 40 SGD to 50 SGD per month. Check condominium mansion where is available to use Wi-fi service for free, some condominium provide with free Wi-Fi.

Cost of meal

You may imagine majority of Singapore people usually go out to eat, they rarely cook at home. If you go out cafes or food stalls in Singapore, you will find that most of the meals are sold at reasonable price, about 13 SGD! Hawker centers are where you can have fun with a wider variety of local dishes of special and tasty foods. But Just be aware, total amount of money at restaurant is a bit different from other cafes and food stalls, it includes service charges and consumption tax, so it means being increased 17% in total.

In the case of cooking at your new home in Singapore, be careful to easily purchase glossaries imported from your country at local supermarket, because these prices are incredibly high compared to glossaries which are sold in Singapore. It would be better to think that total amount of money of food cost by one person cost roughly 500 SGD to 750 SGD. Go for to choose fresh and tasty local fruits or vegetables, for better or for worse, you will have a wonderful experience in Singapore! Make sure beforehand if the room you are thinking has kitchin or not.

Transportation fee

Transportation fee is inexpensive than you imagine. About 3 SGD for a first ride of taxi, about 1 SGD to 3 SGD are basically MRT or city bus. Unless you will live in suburban area, you pay about 125 SGD to 188 SGD as usual cost.

In summary

Total amounts of living is 4,500 SGD;

House rental3,700 SGD
Cost of utilities125SGD
Cost of Internet50SGD
Cost of meal500SGD
Transportation fee125SGD

You now understand that living in Singapore is required much cost.
Besides, new furnitures might be needed if you would just migrate there.
If you want to try to avoid high costs to settle in, think about monthly mansion with fully-furnished appliances, which all includes cost of utilities and internet in a room.

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