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The Facebook “Return to Japan Support Group” has helped over 4000 members with travel information to enter Japan.


MetroResidences, which operates serviced apartments and apartment rentals in Tokyo, is aimed at supporting people travelling to Japan for work, school, or reunite with family. We launched a Facebook community group “Return to Japan Support Group,” which provides useful information such as visa requirements, PCR requirements, airport arrival process, and quarantine stay. Some of the most valuable information comes from our community members’ first-hand accounts and shared experience upon returning, and internationally finding suitable testing facilities need for entering Japan.


Launched two months ago, this group has grown rapidly to 4000 members who have contributed over 15,000 comments. New members can easily search for answers, check recent returnees experience, and ask questions.


Jordan Cornes, Community Manager of MetroResidences highlights “This group has helped many families reconnect and take a little bit of stress out of the process by providing information on what people can expect.” 


The MetroResidences’ “Return to Japan support group” community is a place for people to share information about convenient transportation, accommodation, and other services in Japan during this situation.


Due to the pandemic, Japan has strengthened border control which resulted in 200,000 foreign residents stranded overseas.  As of 1 September 2020, foreigners with valid resident status can enter Japan and are required to quarantine 14 days.


As a result, we expect an improving trend of business travellers travelling looking for serviced apartments to stay. Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are better suited for quarantining providing more spacious and comfortable for extended stays as well as being well located for food delivery services and better equipped with a kitchen, large fridge/freezers, work desk, washing machine. There are also options for workout equipment, business, and entertainment  packages allowing guests to be full self contained and able to continue to work from home helping to substantially reduce their interaction with the community their during their quarantining stay.


We sincerely hope that the coronavirus will settle quickly, and we will continue to manage and operate this community.

Here is the quarantine package for returnee from overseas.

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