Updated on November 25, 2021

Vaccine Passports are now available in Japan and are being issued by your local ward office. The Vaccine Passport is based on a similar certification system as the European Union COVID certificate and is the next step in facilitating smoother and safer international travel.

Continue reading to find out where this newly launched vaccine passport can be used, learn what benefits they have, and how to apply for the vaccine passport.

What is a vaccine passport?

What is a vaccine passport?

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

The purpose of the vaccine passport is a document to prove when and which vaccine you have received to combat the new coronavirus infection.

Using the passport allows the holder to avoid some of the coronavirus entry requirements. For example, in Europe, the “EU digital COVID certificate” was introduced in 2021 July to help facilitate tourism and business travel.

Vaccine passports are not universal

There is currently no universal certification system, as the types of vaccines approved vary from country to country and there are differences in vaccination opportunities. Japan has created its own passport and negotiating with other countries for it to be accepted.

What are the benefits of a Japanese vaccine passport?

The Japanese vaccine passport, referred to as the “new corona vaccination certificate”, has been introduced and applications started from July 26, 2021. The Japanese issued vaccine passport allows for easing travel restrictions in a growing list of countries and regions.

Currently, each is negotiated bilaterally. It is recommended that you apply early if you are planning on travelling soon, as more regions and countries are added.

Where can I use the vaccine passport?

Japan’s vaccine passport is accepted in the following regions and countries:
The specific details of the exemptions/relaxation vary from country to country will be updated here as they change over time.

 Country / region

Accepting the Japanese vaccine passport.

Vaccine Passport Benefits.

November 19, 2021

1BangladeshExempted from quarantine
2BhutanReduced quarantine (From 14 days to 2 days)
3BruneiReduced quarantine (From 21 days to 14 days)
4East TimorReduced quarantine (From 14 days to 7 days)
5Hong KongHong Kong ID holders or residents with a valid visa such as a long-term stay visa
6IndonesiaA vaccination certificate and a negative PCR certificate are required for entry. A vaccination certificate also assists with entry exemption to the residence permit.
7MalaysiaHome quarantine
8MaldivesShortened quarantine period.
9MongoliaExempt from home observation.
10PhilippinesReduced quarantine requirements. A PCR test on the 5th day of entry and continuing quarantine at a pre-booked quarantine facility until the 6th day, if the test result is negative, move to a domestic destination for a 10-day quarantine period.


Work pass holders and companion pass holders are required to be vaccinated in order to obtain an entry permit to Singapore, and it is necessary to show a vaccination certificate when boarding or entering the country. A Japanese vaccination certificate is accepted. In addition, on the premise that you have been vaccinated, you can apply for quarantine at home, etc. only if you are staying alone or if you are on the same course as a vaccinated family member (excluding children under 12 years old).
12South Korea


Recognized as a “vaccination certificate” document required to issue a quarantine exemption certificate.
13Sri LankaThose who received their second shot at least two weeks before their trip will be exempted from a 14-day quarantine period. However, they will still need to undergo tests for COVID-19 upon arrival at government-run quarantine centres or other designated facilities. Additionally, children between 2 and 18 years old who are accompanied by a fully vaccinated person must take a PCR test on the seventh day after entry if they are unvaccinated.
14Thailand(Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao only)
15VietnamReduced quarantine period.
16AustraliaFrom November 1, 2021, in New South Wales and Victoria, only those who have proved that they have been completely vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinobac or Covishield) are exempt from 14 days of quarantine, with a negative COVID test.

In principle, for Australians and permanent residents entering New South Wales and Victoria and their immediate families.

17Marshall IslandsRequired for entry and reduce the quarantine period in Honolulu.
18New ZealandFrom November 1, 2021, foreigners entering the country will be required to complete two vaccinations.
19Papua New GuineaAllowed to enter the country, as all entrants are required to be fully vaccinated.

Travellers must still comply with entry requirements, including the need for written permission to enter Papua New Guinea and a negative PCR test result within seven days prior to departure. 21-day quarantine at designated hotels and undergo periodic tests for the coronavirus.

20PalauOne of the documents needed for entry is the vaccination certificate
21SamoaFull vaccination is one requirement needed for entry.
22Solomon IslandsRequired for entry
 North America 
23CanadaCan assist travellers from some COVID mitigation measures on entry.
24United States


If you enter the country with a vaccination certificate, a test 3 to 5 days after entering the United States is needed and arrangements for 7 days of self-quarantine even if it is negative.

Please find more information at the CDC

25United States (Northern Mariana Islands, Guam only)


(Northern Mariana Islands)

Vaccinated persons who hold a vaccination certificate can apply online at least 72 hours before arrival, and if the PCR test result at the time of arrival is negative, they can be quarantined at home or at the accommodation.


Those fully vaccinated with the approved vaccine are required to submit a valid passport, vaccination certificate, vaccination record card and oath upon entry. The condition is that it is not subject to forced quarantine.

 Central and South America 
26ArgentinaArgentina Required for entry

Homepage of the Embassy of Argentina in Japan

Homepage of the Embassy of Japan in Argentina

27BelizeExempt from submitting negative COVID-19 results upon entry.

All travellers are still required to download the health check app within 72 hours prior to arrival.

28BermudaReduced quarantine (From 14 days to 10 days) with testing on 4th and 10th day after entry

Homepage of the British Embassy in Japan

Homepage of the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom

29Costa RicaException from the insurance obligation to enter the country.
30DominicaQuarantine measures reduced
31EcuadorExemption from presenting a negative COVID test certificate.
32El SalvadorRequired for entry
33GuatemalaExemption from 72-hour pre-departure COVID test.
35JamaicaShortened from 14 days to 8 days (starting the day after the entry date) for commercial purposes the vaccinated person has no restrictions on the range of activities.
36NicaraguaValid entry document. Not required to be shown.

Homepage of the Embassy of Japan in Nicaragua

37ParaguayExemption from Negative COVID certificate

Exemption from quarantine

38Saint Kitts and Nevis
39Saint Vincent
40AndorraOne document is required for entry.
42BulgariaNo obligation to quarantine after entering with documents with similar contents to the EU digital new Corona vaccination certificate.
43BelarusExemption from presenting a negative COVID test certificate.
44Bosnia and HerzegovinaA document is required for entry.
45BelgiumShortened quarantine.
47EstoniaExemption from PCR test.

Quarantine period required with or without vaccination

48FinlandRequired for entry. Exempted from COVID test at the time of entry, but testing within 3 to 5 days later still required along with self-quarantine until a negative result is obtained.
49FranceExemption from presenting a negative COVID test certificate.

Application for the French “pass sanitaire ” (QR code) allowing the entry into restaurants, etc…

50GeorgiaPre and post-flight COVID testing exemption
51GreeceUsed to register for the Passenger Locator Form (PLF)
52GermanyExemption from presenting a negative COVID test certificate.
53IcelandExemption from 5th day after arrival test.
54IrelandExempted from travel-related inspections and quarantine.
55ItalyExemption from voluntary quarantine after entry
56KosovoA vaccination certificate needs to enter.
57LithuaniaExempt from pre-departure COVID testing.
58MaltaAllows entry.

In order to verify the Japanese vaccination certificate, the “VeryFLY” app must be installed the app in advance.

59NetherlandsExemption from Negative COVID certificate (Airline may require one)
61SwitzerlandMust register on the immigration form (Swiss PLF)
62SlovakiaVaccination more than two weeks prior to their arrival is exempt from a voluntary 14-day isolation period.
63SloveniaVoluntary quarantine exemption.
64SpainSpain is currently being confirmed.
65TurkmenistanRequired for entry (Note: Valid for 42 days after the first vaccination / 21 days quarantine)
66United KingdomRelaxation of border measures.
67VaticanRequired for entry.
 Middle East /

North Africa

68BahrainExempted from pre-departure PCR test and 10-day quarantine.

All travellers including vaccination certificate holders from Japan are required to carry out PCR tests on the 5th and 10th days upon the arrival.

69IsraelA verifiable digital vaccination certificate (certificate with QR code) submitted within 24 hours before departure with attaching the certificate upload on the immigration form (URL) below to receive a Green Pass before boarding. If the attached documents cannot be uploaded, enter information such as inoculation history on the screen and send.

Those who do not have a verifiable digital vaccination certificate (the current Japanese certificate) fill out the form. Attach the vaccination certificate to the “Recovery certificate” column at the bottom of the form and upload it.

70OmanRequired for entry.
71TunisiaReduced quarantine requirements.
72TurkeyExemption from presenting a negative COVID test certificate.
73United Arab Emirates(28 days must have passed since vaccination)

Travellers from a “Green Country” (includes Japan) if presenting the vaccination certificate with the Alhosun App, can enter with only the 6th day after entry PCR test (9th-day test is not required.)

 Sub-Saharan Africa 
74AngolaQuarantine exempted.
75EthiopiaEthiopian Embassy Homepage in Japan

Homepage of the Embassy of Japan in Ethiopia

76GabonExempt from quarantine measures.
77SeychellesHomepage of the Embassy of Japan in Seychelles

◎ Important information:

  • Additional countries and regions where the vaccine passport can be used and will be announced on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at any time.
  • In addition to relaxed entry measures, there may be other benefits where some countries require vaccine passports to use public facilities such as museums, events, transport, and private business such as restaurants.
  • You can still travel even if you do not have a vaccine passport.

The Japanese vaccine passport for returning to Japan

From October 1, 2021, the Japanese vaccine passport allows shortening your 14-days quarantine period when returning to Japan.

– You need to submit a copy of the vaccination certificate to the quarantine station.
– You need to report a negative result (Antigen/PCR) on the 10th day. (You cannot use public transportation to get a test.)

>> More about quarantine requirements: Guide For Quarantine Accommodation in Japan

How do I apply for the vaccine passport?

vaccine passport japan sample

Japan’s Covid 19 vaccine passport “新型コロナウイルス感染症 予防接種証明書”

Applications started in each municipality from July 26, 2021 and are being accepted for the following groups of people:

  • People who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus infection in Japan.
  • People planning on travelling overseas from Japan and can take advantage of relaxed COVID prevention measures by the partner country.

Not eligible for application (currently)

  • People who are not intending to travel overseas.
  • People who have been vaccinated overseas.

Each municipality issues the vaccination passport. (the city, ward, town, or village with a resident card). The application can be made in person at a local government office or by mail (requires a reply envelope and stamp).

Documents required for applications:

  1. Municipality application form
  2. Copy of valid passport (page with expiration date *
  3. Copy of vaccination ticket
  4. Certificate of vaccination or vaccination record copy

* As passport information is included on the vaccination certificate, it must be the same passport used when travelling.

Additional documents other than the above may be required by each local government. Please check their official website.

The certificate is in both Japanese and English and includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Vaccine type
  • Dates of vaccination
  • The issuing municipality

How much does the vaccine passport costs?


Image by Tran Duc from Pixabay

There are no costs or fees (other than including an 84 yen stamp self-addressed envelope).

How long does it take to get the vaccine passport issued?

Most cities, wards, towns and villages usually take about one week to 10 days after receiving a set of application documents, although in some areas it may take up to one month.

How long is the Vaccine passport validity for?

There is no expiration date on the vaccine passport at this time. In the unlikely event that it is lost, it can be reissued. However, the number of sheets that can be issued with one application is one. Japan is also creating a digital passport in the future.

What are re-entry requirements and quarantine when returning to Japan with a vaccine passport?

At this time, there is no relaxation of immigration restrictions or exemption from quarantine in Japan for any vaccine passport, including the Japanese issued one.

Related information:

Where can I get more information on the vaccine passport?

● General questions regarding the vaccine passport system
Call Center of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: 0120-761-770

● Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website:

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