Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan: Versatile serviced apartments to save your business

The coronavirus has hit businesses and industries hard. With the strict restrictions on travel and mobility, companies around the world are scrambling to set up business continuity plans for Covid-19. With many factors and variables to consider, we’ve got one solution to help cross all those problems off your list.

Here’s why serviced apartments should be part of your Covid-19 business continuity plan and how to utilise them!

Apartments for 14-day self isolations

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. If any one of them does get infected, that compromises your entire office and essentially your entire business. Staff will then be asked to work from home and observe a 14-day self-isolation period. Often, these staff are worried to go home as there is a chance they may pass the infection to their family.

Give them and yourself some peace of mind when you house your staff in serviced apartments. With fully furnished spaces, fully equipped kitchens and frequent housekeeping services, you can improve the quality of living for your employees while also caring for their health.

Immediate temporary workspaces

Businesses are taking work out of the office. Some choose to pitch up in hotel rooms but with that limited space it isn’t very conducive. Serviced apartments are significantly larger and offer much more space (almost 2 times!) which makes it very convenient to convert into temporary workspaces.

Living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms can all be converted into spacious workspaces to serve the needs of most businesses.

Best part is, these apartments are ready when you need them. Plug and play offices!

A safer alternative to co-working spaces

Co-working spaces and ‘social-distancing’ don’t go hand in hand (but hey, they aren’t supposed to!) There is wayyy too much sharing in a co-working office. You just need 1 person in a co-working space gets infected, the entire floor might be quarantined!

However, in a serviced apartment, each unit offers ultimate privacy. It comes with its own kitchen, microwave, fridge and private toilet. What more, with frequent housekeeping, you’ll always have a clean and safe space to work in. There is no need to share any common facilities with other people.

While the downside is that there are no meeting rooms, I think it’s best to keep all meetings online during this period.

Stay close to your head office

When it comes to temporary relocation, it’s always best to keep your business continuity plan (BCP) office close to your current head office. This makes it easier to pop back into HQ to grab a document or have last-minute meetings.

It’s a good thing that a large number of serviced apartments are located within business hubs and around central business districts. The ease of accessibility and great locations make serviced apartments an easy choice as back-up offices!

Don’t let Transportation/Border Lockdowns hinder your business

When cities go into lockdown, public transportation systems stop. Should there be critical company operations or task which require personnel to be in the office, those living far away won’t get there in time. 

Or even worse, without public transportation systems, half your office won’t even be able to make it to work, period. Think ahead and pre-empt such a possibility. Pick a serviced apartment for you and your staff to work from; one that is near your office and allows for business continuity.  

If you are looking for a business contingency plan during this pandemic, speak to one of our agents. We have over 600+ apartments in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Our website provides actual photos and virtual tours of apartments which reduces the need for viewings, digital contracts and e-payment services.

Focus on your business and we’ll give you the tools to help, all without leaving your seat. Together, we are stronger.
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