Very few neighbourhoods in Tokyo are as well known as Shibuya. One of the centers of new Tokyo, it’s known around the world as a hip, cool place for young people to explore and play. But what makes the Shibuya area special?

We’ve highlighted the best parts of living in this chic zip code, and the best apartments to live in once you’re there!

What makes Shibuya a great place to live in?

Best Serviced Apartments in Shibuya

Photo from Unsplash by Yoav Aziz

Shibuya is known for its bustling city center– but few people think about the beautiful green spaces. Quiet Daikanyama is known for its green corridors, and Harajuku, one of the centers of Shibuya, has two of the most famous parks in Japan.

Meiji Jingu Imperial Garden is a tranquil cultural center– it’s astonishing how quiet and peaceful it is, considering how deep in the city’s heart it lies. With towering trees, meandering paths through dense forest, and a beautiful shrine, this is a favorite spot for weddings and New Years’ prayers.

Adjoining it is Yoyogi Park, a vast green space with rolling hills and a bountiful rose garden. The cherry trees are particularly beautiful in the spring, with standing room only under the beautiful canopy.

Shibuya shopping, restaurant, nightlife

The creative community throughout Shibuya is also vibrant, with wild fashion center Harajuku contrasting the upscale elegance of Omotesando. There are also some incredible supermarkets, especially under the two main department stores, with food stalls galore and two high-end speciality markets, not to mention the convenience stores peppering every block.

Shibuya also has a plethora of shopping options. Including the Seibu, Tokyu, and PARCO department stores, it has Shibuya 109, one of the most famous landmarks in the Shibuya skyline – with 10 floors of boutiques designed especially for young women’s fashion through various subcultures. There is also a 109 mens across the street, which lacks the iconic tower but still has about 5 floors of decent offerings.

Shibuya is one of the most popular nightlife spots for young Tokyoites. Clubs like WOMB and Harlem Hip-Hop have gained notoriety even among tourists for their reasonable rates and great music. Most clubs in Tokyo offer cheaper rates for foreigners or for pre-midnight entry, so check before you go! There are also a plethora of delicious restaurants all over Shibuya, offering everything from fast food to fine dining, and plenty of ramen stalls to restore those post-dance electrolytes.

Shibuya station connection

Best Serviced Apartments in Shibuya 

Photo by Rezal Scharfe on Unsplash

Shibuya station is very conveniently located on several metro lines and is the fourth busiest station for commuting in the world. It connects the Fukutoshin Line and the Tokyu Toyoko Line, in essence connecting the heart of Tokyo with Yokohama and South Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line is also a vital throughline into the downtown and business metro areas, and runs from Oshiage (Tokyo Skytree station), ending in Shibuya.

Alternately, starting in Shibuya, the Den-En-Toshi line also enters Kawasaki and goes into Kanagawa. The oldest metro line in Tokyo, the Ginza Line, also ends at Shibuya station.

As far as aboveground trains, the world-famous Yamanote line also runs through Shibuya, and its sister lines the Shonan-Shinjuku and Saikyo as well. Finally, the Keio-Inokashira line sits slightly away from the rest and is a very convenient connection to Kichijoji and the rest of the Chuo Line.

Why serviced apartments are recommended in the Shibuya area

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why Shibuya is a highly desirable area to live. But with so many people gunning to move in, it can be stressful to find the perfect place and get everything you need. Not to worry, however– the recent upswing of serviced apartments has made this far easier.

These furnished apartments have completely changed the game and with weekly housekeeping services, they’re move-in ready for everyone from single business travellers to families looking.

Here are some of our recommended properties for serviced apartments in Shibuya. All of these are less than 10 minutes walking distance to Shibuya station, making for an easy commute.

Best serviced apartments in Shibuya

Zen Dougenzaka


This brand new serviced 39sqm apartment is in the heart of bustling Dougenzaka. You can’t get more central than this oasis in the middle of party central. Surrounded by shopping, clubs, and restaurants, this is the perfect place for a modern young professional looking to play as hard as they work, or a couple looking to be at the heart of fun in central Tokyo!

Shibuya Hill Top 39sqm Type A2 Zen Dougenzaka


Melodia Cosy Loft Harajuku


This beautiful and quirky loft apartment is an amazing choice for families and singles alike! The two-floor open plan is great for those accustomed to houses rather than apartments, and this price can’t be beaten for the incredible Harajuku location. Enjoy entertaining your new friends, or bringing someone special home to this beautiful oasis!

Melodia Cosy Loft Harajuku 2 Floors


Chambord Harajuku


This funky spot is in the center of Tokyo’s pop culture district, and it shows. Full of interesting pieces, this apartment has been thoughtfully designed to show off the best of Japan’s quirky kawaii culture with a vibrant color palette and 70’s based design. This is an amazing find for that modern young professional looking for a studio with a little more pizzazz than the standard Tokyo box apartment.

Chambord Harajuku 1br


Near Shibuya but in the quiet residential area

If you’re looking for something close to Shibuya but a little quieter, here are two other properties we recommend.

Residence Tokyo Higasikitazawa


This simple apartment is in Higashi-Kitazawa – a small artsy neighbourhood a little north of Shibuya proper. With tons of coffee shops, vintage stores, and restaurants, this is perfect for an artistically-oriented individual looking for something convenient without the intensity of the big city. You’d be amazed how just a few hundred meters can make a big difference in the tranquillity of the surrounding area.

Residence Tokyo Higasikitazawa 1br

Residence Tokyo Sangenchaya


This little sunny spot is a great haven for someone looking for a quiet room to rest their head. Sangenchaya is well known for being a sanctuary for those tired of the craziness of Tokyo living, and the abundance of charm in its back alleys will never let you down. This room also has lots of built-in storage, excellent for a minimalist who likes to keep things neat and tidy.

Residence Tokyo Sangenchaya West 1br

No matter where you choose in Shibuya, we hope that you find exactly the right place for you. Here at MetroResidences, we believe there’s a perfect place for everyone; we look forward to hearing from you about how you took your little space and made it your perfect home!