Nestled in between Shibuya and Meguro is the Ebisu neighborhood, a small district with a powerful reputation.

This quiet residential area of Tokyo lies south of Shibuya and has an incredible amount of restaurants, bars, and shops without the hassle of Scramble Crossing. Oft overlooked, this upscale neighborhood is a great choice for all ages and an ideal place for the person that plays as hard as they work.

Why is Ebisu a great place to live in Tokyo?

Why is Ebisu a great place to live in Tokyo?

Photo by Hkyu Wu on Unsplash

The Ebisu residential area is extremely foreigner-friendly.

Located next to Hiroo, the center of foreign diplomatic activity in Tokyo, it’s quite common to hear just about any language you can think of. While somewhat quiet and unassuming in the daytime, at night the district lights up with bars, live music, and the smells of something delicious on a nearby table.

This neighborhood is rapidly increasing in housing value as well! The convenience can’t be beaten, and it’s ideal for those no longer interested in the crush of people that accompanies partying in Shibuya Center-Gai.

In terms of the monthly mansion, Ebisu’s other identity as a business hub serves it well, with many short term apartments. Ebisu is, quite plainly, one of the best neighborhoods to live in Tokyo.

What is Ebisu known for?

What is Ebisu known for?

Image by JungHyun Kim from Pixabay

Ebisu is perhaps best known for that most beloved of drinks: beer. The Japanese love their beer, and Yebisu beer is now known all around the globe. The Yebisu beer brewery started in this area and has a rich history literally steeped into the water. The Museum of Yebisu beer is a fun way to while away an afternoon (and get some delicious 500 yen samples at the end of the tour).

You’ll see signs for Yebisu all over this area, as it also lends its name to the Garden.

What is Ebisu known for?


This also gives name to the next most popular landmark in Ebisu, Yebisu Garden Place Tower. It’s hard to miss– come out of the slightly complicated Ebisu station, and you’ll see it rising up above you. This office building and shopping center are mostly famous for the piazza on the bottom, which slants down to create a path for events, illuminations, and concerts.

The beautiful Western-style building in the back now houses one of Joel Robuchon’s famous restaurants, while the tower itself includes the always impressive Photographic Art Museum. The music venues sprinkled throughout this area have also made it a hub for underground musicians looking to get into the big leagues.

Ebisu shopping, eating, and nightlife

Ebisu shopping, eating, and nightlife

Photo by Ken from flickr

Ebisu Yokocho is one of the coolest food spots in Tokyo. This “food alley” consists of many restaurant stalls with less than ten seats each. Highly affordable and reminiscent of old Japan, customers sit on beer crates and pallets with simple, uncomplicated fare.

There are also a plethora of upscale restaurants in this area, from small bistros to the pioneers of Japanese cuisine.

As far as shopping, Ebisu has a department store built into the station. There are also many small shops in the area, especially focusing on minimalist and fashion-forward designs sported by the trendy youth of today.

My father told me once, “teens go to Shinjuku at night, and college kids to Shibuya– but adults go to Ebisu.” What he meant, of course, is that as we get older, we often become less interested in the kind of celebrating that leaves us clueless the next morning as to how we got in bed, and more interested in making memories at funky bars.

Ebisu’s nightlife revolves around the Japanese love of alcohol, and there are niche bars for just about anything you fancy. There are also several shisha bars in this area if you’re alcohol-free.

Ebisu station connections

What is Ebisu known for?

Photo by ジユンさん from Pakutaso

JR Ebisu Station is quite convenient, as it’s the main stop on both the JR Yamanote Line and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. The proximity to Shibuya and Hiroo means it’s quite easy to bike to work, which is a wonderful option that can take so much stress away from your daily commute.


  • Yamanote Line
  • Shonan-Shinjuku Line
  • Saikyo Line
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


  • Shibuya – 13 minutes by Yamanote Line
  • Shinjuku – 8 minutes by Saikyo Line
  • Roppongi – 11 minutes by Hibiya Line
  • Ginza – 15 minutes by Hibiya Line
  • Haneda Airport – 33 minutes by Yamanote Line and Keikyu Main Line
  • Narita Airport – 1 hour and 16 minutes by Yamanote Line and Keisei Skyliner Limited Express

Why serviced apartments are recommended?

Serviced apartment tokyo

Photo by La Miko on Pexels

Moving to Tokyo, one of your first concerns is probably regarding a place to live. One of the easiest ways to find one is probably by using a traditional hotel which tends to be often costly.
We, therefore, propose the usage of a Serviced Apartments due to its more affordable prices with the other benefits summarised below;

  • Fully equipped with furniture and daily electronic devices.
  • No upfront cost of renting (Most Real Estate Agencies in Japan tend to charge initial costs before moving into an apartment).
  • Often provide concierge services like hotels.
  • Routine housekeeping services.
  • All-inclusive rent (Utility and internet fees are all included in the rent)
  • A Guarantor or a Rental Guarantor is not required.

Overall, Serviced Apartments are a smart and relatively cheaper way to live in Tokyo.

Best service apartments in Ebisu Tokyo

A furnished apartment in Ebisu is sure to impress your friends and coworkers– leave the styling to the professionals, so you can get on living. We’ve compiled a list here of our favorite serviced apartments.

Ebisu is a fashionable neighborhood, and it’s important to us that you feel that within your room as well.

Casa Splendid Ebisu Studio Superior

[39% OFF for first month] It’s extremely rare to find a one-bedroom studio this big, but we’ve done it! This room is sandwiched between Shirokanedai and Ebisu stations for the upscale location of your dreams.

The washing machine in this room is located on a special pedestal in the toilet, while a shower room has a dryer function to blow hot air and super dry the clothes.



Park Habio Ebisu Place White

Less than a 9-minute walk from Ebisu station, this pretty apartment combines elements of both modern and retro design. This is perfect for the single employee looking to get closer to their favorite hang spot without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Within walking distance of Yebisu Garden Place, take a stroll around your new neighborhood and enjoy a beer in the garden on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This apartment is fully furnished with an equipped kitchen.

EbisuO_Serviced-ApartmentService Apartment Ebisu O

This much space is rare in a serviced apartment, especially in an area as trendy as Ebisu. This two-bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment includes a master bedroom with bay windows and one more bedroom with two twin beds and a walk-in closet.

A family of four could easily fit in this spacious and centrally located haven, and parents will appreciate the safety of auto-lock doors and a manned entryway.


While there are all sorts of monthly apartments in Ebisu available, we’re confident these are the best ones out there. Living in Ebisu has amazing perks, like:

  • Trendy bars and restaurants
  • Lots of green space to stretch your legs
  • Shopping and easy access to the best neighborhoods in Tokyo!

In addition, you can’t get much better than a serviced apartment! Serviced apartments take care of everything, with benefits including:

  • All-inclusive rent (Fully furnished, daily electronic devices, utility and WiFi fees)
  • No Upfront cost! A Guarantor/Rental Guarantor is NOT required
  • Routine housekeeping services (different plans available)

If you are looking for more information about serviced apartments or monthly mansions in Tokyo, MetroResidences is here to make sure your living situation is convenient, safe, and easy.

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