Akihabara - Tech Capital of the World

Can’t get enough of all things tech? There is no greater place in the world to visit for those with a passion for everything related to tech and gadgets than Akihabara in Tokyo.

Often dubbed the “tech capital of the world”, this amazing district in central Tokyo is bursting at the seams with cool tech shops, exhibitions, attractions and much more. Akihabara Electric Town is also the centre for the otaku Japanese culture which is evident with the shops and establishments devoted to manga, anime and gaming.

Here are is a travel guide featuring a few of the biggest attractions in this incredible district.

Getting there

Reaching Akihabara is pretty easy thanks to the convenient train stations. One option would be to ride the JR and look to stop at the JR Akihabara Station. From there, head towards the JR Akihabara Electric Town exit.

Another option would be to ride the Tsukuba Express to reach Akihabara Station. Follow the directional arrows on signboards pointing to ‘Akihabara Electric Town’ and you’ll be there in no time.

Yodobashi Camera

If you are in the market for any kind of electronics or you simply want to browse a few of the latest high tech gadgets then Yodobashi Camera’s Akihabara branch is a must-visit. This unmissable 9 storey department store is a huge attraction in Akihabara and somewhere that you could spend hours browsing.

Akiba Fukurou

This place has quickly become one of the major attractions in Akihabara and it is easy to see why. Aside from the well known Gundam cafe and Maid cafes, Akoba Fukurou or Owl Cafe is a cool cafe where you can enjoy a coffee surrounded by breathtaking owls and even play with them during your visit.

Radio Centre

If you want to immerse yourself in Otaku culture then Radio Centre is the best place to do this. A series of narrow bustling roads are filled with all kinds of electronic shops selling gadgets, components and much more from places like RS. There is an electric atmosphere here so even if you do not plan on buying anything it can still be an enjoyable place to explore.

Tsukumo Robot Kingdom

People often think about robots when they think about Tokyo and this is the best place to see the latest and best robots available. You can buy all kinds of incredible ready-made robot toys here or even buy the parts to build your own robot which is a terrific activity for someone with an interest in tech.

Super Potato

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Video game culture is enormous in Japan with Super Potato being a hub for everything related to gaming in Tokyo. In this game centre, you will find all the latest consoles and games as well as retro games which are just as popular if not more.

Akihabara is the tech capital of the world and a fantastic place to visit during a trip to Japan because it has all of the latest and best technology along with a vibrant and fun atmosphere. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the area and soaking up the culture on display in this popular district.

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