From cheap accommodations to luxury condominiums, you can find various accommodations in Airbnb. It’s a indispensable platform for travelers who want to have experience that you can not usually do, or enjoy communication with the host.
However, the hospitality of the host vary widely and there are many troubles.
We summarized the procedure in the case you want to cancel and in the case you are canceled from the host by an unexpected accident.

When canceled from the host

1. Confirm the number of days until the check-in day

If there are 4 weeks or more until the check-in date, it will be refunded automatically.
If there are less than 4 weeks, we need to make a refund procedure. You can book an alternative accommodation on Airbnb with the refund, but if less than 4 weeks, you may not be able to find the accomodation with the condition you desire
Also, be careful not to accept the demand from host when the host tells you to cancel from the guest side.

2. Make a refund procedure

In the case of cancellation within 4 weeks from the check-in date, you should make a refund procedure from PC. Since we can’t apply from mobile apps, please be sure to log in to Airbnb with PC and click “Request refund” on the travel page and click on “Request refund”.

3. Find an alternative accommodation

There are also hands to search again with Airbnb. But once you got into trouble, you want to avoid the second trouble on the same trip, don’t you?
It would be better to use a serviced apartment or a monthly apartment, rather than vacation rental. Serviced apartments have concierge service like hotel, so even when you become in trouble during stay, you can solve it immediately.
However, service apartments and monthly apartments may take time to sign up. In general it takes about 2 weeks to 4 weeks, so we recommend you to search immediately once canceled by Airbnb.
You may think “I want to shorten contract time!”, then we recommend MetroResidences. In MetroResidences you can do everything online! As easily as Airbnb, you can look for serviced apartments and also shortened the times of making a contract. Please take a look if you are looking for accommodation in Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong.

When I want to cancel from myself (guest)

1. Confirm the number of days until check-in date and the cancellation policy

Let’s check the cancellation policy selected by the host. Please be aware that the deadline and refund amount will change due to the cancellation policy.
Especially, in case of long-term stay (over 28 nights), please pay attention. Because the first month’s amount may not be refunded even before check-in.
In the case of early check-out after check-in, you must obtain consent of the host. Also, even if the host agrees to cancel, you must pay the rent of 30 days, so be careful.
If you go into the room and find it’s different from the explanation of Airbnb page so you want to cancel, it may be refunded (depending on the host). Let the Problem Solving Center of Airbnb mediate.

2. To cancel

Let’s find the reservation from “travel” and cancel it. Depending on the situation, we can not expect much refund. Please check the detailed cancellation policy from here.

3. Find alternative places to stay

You can search again by Airbnb, but if you are planning to stay for 28 nights or more, Airbnb is not recommended much because there are risks not being refunded in full.
When you booked serviced apartments or monthly apartments, if the conditions you wanted differ from the current conditions, you can propose other rooms or get refund.
In Metro Residence, there is a refund system when the property is differ from the explanation after check-in.


Airbnb is a very useful service for people who like travel, but sometimes it brings troubles. Let’s remember the correct procedure in the case you are in troubles.
There are some people who have stopped using Airbnb because of such a trouble. If you are looking for an alternate destination, please contact MetroResidences at any time!